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Welcome to the RenderToolbox wiki!

The current version of RenderToolbox is RenderToolbox4. See what's new in RenderToolbox4. See also the previous version, RenderToolbox3.

RenderToolbox4 is compatible with RenderToolbox3 recipes and scripts, so old code should still work. When writing new code, please use the new RenderToolbox4 style (we think it's better, and we would like to stop supporting the old style).

Introductory Pages

Overview with pictures, not details
How it Works with some details

Example Scenes

RenderToolbox comes with a number of ExampleScenes. We intend these to illustrate key features of RenderToolbox.

Flythrough scene modifications with "remodeler" functions instead of mappings
BlenderPython programmatic 3D modeling with Python and Blender
CoordinatesTest render a simple scene as-is
Dice UV mapping for surface reflectance image texture
Dragon colorful conditions, area lights
Interior challenges with physically-based lighting
Interreflection path tracing, sanity check for physics principles
LightFieldSphere lighting from a spherical image map
MaterialSphere fancy materials, bump maps, "remodeling" on the fly
RadianceTest sanity check for physics principles
RGBPromotion renderer representation of RGB reflectances, "remodeling" on the fly
ScalingTest sanity check for renderer numerical scaling
SceneFromScratch programmatic 3D modeling in Matlab
SimpleSphere sanity check for physics principles
SimpleSquare sanity check for physics principles
SpectralIllusion image analysis, perceptual illusion
WildScene rendering "wild" scenes from the internet


Methods Paper

We are pleased to have published a methods paper which describes the design and usage of a previous version, RenderToolbox3 (version 1.1):

Heasly BS, Cottaris NP, Lichtman DP, Xiao B, Brainard DH, "RenderToolbox3: MATLAB tools that facilitate physically based stimulus rendering for vision research", J Vis. 2014 Feb 7, 14(2).

Please cite this paper if you use RenderToolbox in published research.

RenderToolbox team