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Node.js client for the dropbox API
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NodeJs Dropbox API Client

ATTENTION: This project is deprecated and won't work with the current Dropbox API. Use it as inspiration when forking for a new project. If you wish to be the maintainer write me.

node-dropbox is a Client providing communication between NodeJS and the Dropbox API version 0 (and soon to be version 1).

The implementation's client contains full API coverage as in Dropbox's web docs, mobile docs might include some extra functionality and URLs; not discarded as to implemented soon. node-oauth is the middleware used to perform the OAuth 1.0 requests.

Fully tested against Dropbox API ( &

Running Tests

Two options:

$node test/index.js [testfile]

$node/test dropbox/[testfile]

Notes: To run the test file client.js 2 arguments are required: the base64-encoded tokens key and token secret.


var Auth = require('./node-dropbox/lib/auth');
var Client = require('./node-dropbox');

Auth.loadConfig('myConfigFile.json', function(err, config) {
   var options = {[...]};
   var oa = Auth.getInstance(options);
   var dropbox = new Client(apiHost, contentHost, port, oa, accessToken, accessTokenSecret);

   dropbox.getFile([...,] callback);

Public methods

* accountInfo(callback)

* getFile(root, path, callback)

* putFile(root, path, content, [ctype], [callback])

* metadata(root, path, fileLimit, hash, list, callback)

* thumbnail(root, path, size, format, callback)

* copy(root, fromPath, toPath, callback)

* createFolder(root, path, callback)

* delete(root, path, callback)

* move(root, fromPath, toPath, callback)

Node Compatibility


Notes: Further testing of previous versions is on the to-do list.


Luis Merino <mail AT luismerino DOT name>


Always highly appreciated. Please, use Github issues :)


FreeBSD License

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