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Image converter to .photon files used by the Anycubic's 3D UV Photon enabling it to produce UV PCB masks.
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PCB to Photon


This is a tool to convert PCB images (still to be determined full scope) into the .photon file format. This is the file format used by the Anycubic's 3D UV Photon DLP 3D printer. The goal is to leverage the printer UV capabilites into PCB UV masking.


Photon files are currently monochromatic files with a 1440x2560 image size.


pcb2photon - Image to photon UV PCB mask converter


pcb2photon [-h] [-t threshold-value] [-a alignment-options] [-s image-scaling] [-p thickness] [-e exposure-time] filename [filename2 [...]] [-o output_filename [output_filename2 [...]]]


Command parameters:

filename is a supported image filename

  • -t [threshold-value] Threshold that defines the value cap for non-monocromatic images.
  • -a [alignment-options] Image alignment options within the .photon image size.
    • c Centering on screen;
    • ul Upper left corner;
    • ll Lower left corner;
    • ur Upper right corner;
    • lr Lower right corner;
    • cl Center left side;
    • cr Center right side;
    • cu Center upper side;
    • cl Center lower side.
  • -s [image-scaling] Defines the image stretching options.
    • o original scale;
    • v vertical fit;
    • h horizontal fit;
    • f stretch to fit;
    • n [value] scale by a factor of value .
  • -p [thickness] PCB thickness value in mm (needed to lift the print bed)
  • -e [exposure-time] Exposure time in seconds
  • -o [output_filename [output_filename2 [...]] Specify output file names, if no name are provided the input file name will be used.
  • -h Displays this information

Activity Diagram

Result of one of the included test images

Screen shot

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