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"Lilian Vaughn Morgan" Reprap version

Lilian is the new version of the classic reprap morgan. Enhancements of this version cuts printing time from the components, and relies on easy to find standard hardware components to bring the cost of the machanics down. The design is aesthetically pleasing, while improving reliability and print quality dramatically.

The builder has a choice of electronics from the budget Arduino based hardware to the high end Smoothieware based Arm controllers. All the bearings used in this design are easy to find, high volume bearings, commonly used on bicycles and DIY cnc applications.

Lilian Vaughn Morgan was the Wife and research partner of geneticist Thomas Hunt Morgan, even though he did not acknoledge her tremendous inputs to his research initially.

The Morgan Pro 2 commercial 3D printer is based on the Lilian project. These fully assembled commercial machines are built and calibrated in the Morgan workshop in Centurion, and is available to makers looking for reliable hard working machines that can withstand the sometimes harsh conditions of developing countries - All without looking out of place on a side desk in an executive office.

Quentin Harley November 2015

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