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The goal of Samvera Camp is to introduce new developers to the skills and tools they will need to successfully build Samvera-based digital repository solutions. There’s a lot of ground to cover and you won’t walk away at the end of the week a complete expert, but we hope we’ll have provided you enough of a scaffolding to jump-start your own work and keep learning like the rest of us. We hope that the topics covered at Samvera Camp provide enough breadcrumbs that you’ll have a good idea where to start looking once you get home and start digging into problems on your own!


Day One Morning - MONDAY

Day One Afternoon

Day Two Morning - TUESDAY

Day Two Afternoon

Day Three Morning - WEDNESDAY

Day Three Afternoon

  • Development in Teams
  • Team Demos

Day Four Morning - THURSDAY

  • Samvera in Production
  • Development in Teams

Day Four Afternoon

  • Team Demos
  • Questions & Answers
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