Chrome extension to identify the original sources behind articles on the web
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StoryTracer is a Chrome extension that identifies the source information that web pages are based upon. StoryTracer uses the ground-truth node library.

How it works

When you navigate to a webpage with StoryTracer added to Chrome, StoryTracer will try to identify the source behind the webpage by looking at the links on the page. If a likely source is identified, a popup will appear indicating that the page you are on might be based on content from another page:

StoryTracer in action

Where can I get StoryTracer?

StoryTracer can be installed from the Chrome webstore.

Local development

This repository can be cloned for local development. You can then add your development version of the extension to Chrome in developer mode by zipping up the repository and loading it as an unpacked extension from chrome://extensions.

If you want to make changes to the ground-truth library and then use your version of ground-truth with StoryTracer, you can clone ground-truth, install the browserify npm package, and then use the following browserify command to create a browser-compatible bundle of ground-truth which can replace ground-truth-bundle.js in your copy of this repo:

browserify -r ground-truth/index.js:ground-truth -i WNdb -i lapack -o ground-truth-bundle.js

License and copyright

Copyright Duke Reporters' Lab

StoryTracer is made available under the MIT licence