Code Generation framework used in RepreZen API Studio
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Code Generation framework used in RepreZen API Studio.

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RepreZen API Studio supports API design-first and API CodeFlow with a highly-evolved, extensible code generation engine. These capabilities are being repackaged as GenFlow, soon to be announced.

An Open Framework for API Code Generation

GenFlow is a comprehensive API code generation framework that supports a wide variety of code generation scenarios. Here are some of its essential features:

  • Generates API client libraries, services, documentation and other essential components, using pre-built or custom generators.

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  • Works with OpenAPI v2 (Swagger), OpenAPI v3, and RAPID-ML, with an open architecture to support other API specification formats as input.

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  • Provides convenient access to Swagger Codegen and OpenAPI-Generator along with other popular open source code generators.

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  • Supports custom code generators written in Java, and provides a powerful, template-driven framework built on Xtend.

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  • Integrates KaiZen OpenAPI Normalizer as a preprocessor or standalone code generator. KaiZen Normalizer consolidates multi-file OpenAPI projects to a single document by resolving references, applying defaults, and expanding cascading properties to ensure reliable processing by downstream code generators and API documentation formats.

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  • Runs from the command line, CI/CD platforms, and RepreZen API Studio through Maven and Gradle integration, with all dependencies hosted on Maven Central.

  • Easy configuration through a convenient YAML-formatted .gen file, with embedded documentation for each parameter.

  • Enables multi-step chaining of code generators to create advanced API modeling and codegen solutions.