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Brainverse is an open-source, cross-platform desktop application to enable researchers add to reproducible practices into every project.

  • An electronic laboratory notebook built as a cross platform desktop application also has feature to be deployed as web application
  • Enables users to plan experiments, collect, analyze and reuse data, and collaborate
  • Adds semantic annotation to data with relevant metadata based on NeuroImaging data Model (NIDM) making experimental neuroimaging study more reproducible, and making data FAIR
  • Intercept the research workflow at planning stage, curating (raw, processed, results) data at the source and helping users to annotate every step of the process.

The App

Dashboard: brainverse_dashboard

NDA Editor: curate_NDA

Experiment Planner: experiment_planner

Data Acquisition: data_acquisition


The App for different OSes can be found in the releases here


  • Download the .dmg file
  • Double click on the dmg file
  • Drag the app icon to the Application folder, it will start installing
  • To start the app, double click on the app icon in the Application folder
  • All the files created are stored outside the Brainverse App folder under /Users/username/Documents/uploads.


  • Debian and Ubuntu
    • Download the .deb file.
    • Run sudo dpkg -i BrainVerse.deb && sudo apt-get install --fix-missing.
    • Run brainverse in a terminal, or double-click the app icon.
  • CentOS, Fedora, RedHat
    • Download the .rpm file.
    • Run sudo dnf install BrainVerse.rpm or sudo yum install BrainVerse.rpm.
    • Run brainverse in a terminal, or double-click the app icon.
  • Other distributions
    • Download the .AppImage.
    • Execute the file in a terminal or double-click it in a file explorer.


  • Download and run the .exe file. Follow the steps to install the software. Once the app is installed, double-click the app icon to run BrainVerse.


BrainVerse is under rapid development with core functionality being added.

If you want to contribute, set up development enviroment or understand the project internals, see

You can track the different modules that are being aimed/developed within BrainVerse.

Code Status

Travis tests status (master branch)

Support and Communication

If you would like to ask a question about how to do something in BrainVerse please open a new topic in with a brainverse tag. is a platform similar to StackOverflow but dedicated to neuroinformatics.

If you see an issue or a bug while using BrainVerse, please create an issue in this github repository and assign a label of the module it belongs to.

The BrainVerse updates and news will be posted to repronim-announcement mailing list. To receive BrainVerse news, subscribe to the mailing-list.

Learning Resources


BrainVerse is an electronic laboratory notebook built as an open-source, cross-platform desktop application to help researchers manage, track and share information in a comprehensive format.





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