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Bug Reporting

Updated Jan 28, 2018

Allows user to submit an issue/report a bug when experienced with the app while using it.

Report Generator

Updated Mar 23, 2018

This module will use query module to query the graph after data acquisition and will generate reports based on the results from the query.

Data Acquisition

Updated Mar 23, 2018

Collection of data using an experiment plan for a subject


Updated Jan 28, 2018

Documentation related to Brainverse design, modules, and implementation plans

Instrument Editor

Updated Dec 22, 2017

In a typical experiment/study, new or existing instruments are created/modified to use. Instrument editor will allow user to create there own form or modify existing form based on the requirement of the study. Then the form can be linked an experiment planner to plan out the experiment and subsequently used for data acquisition. This is spin off of NDA Editor, a more generalized form where there is no existing NDA form to start with but an interface to begin creating a form

Audit Trails

Updated Aug 31, 2017

To keep track of the changes made to experiment plan

Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Updated Aug 14, 2018

No description

NIDM JS Library

Updated Jul 6, 2017

NIDM Javascript Library

Form Generator

Updated Jul 6, 2017

Based on a JSON Schema, generate form dynamically

NIDM Result Viewer

Updated Apr 19, 2017

No description

Experiment Planner [EP]

Updated Mar 23, 2018

Module to allow researcher to plan their experiments, e.g., number of sessions, visits, questionnaire required, participants information

Query Module

Updated May 30, 2017

Write SPARQL queries for NIDM-E and add corresponding endpoints to brainverse

NDA Data Dictionary [NDA]

Updated Mar 23, 2018

Obtain Data Dictionaries using NDA API, autogenerate the forms based on it


Updated Oct 31, 2017


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