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ReproMan aims to simplify creation and management of computing environments in Neuroimaging. While concentrating on Neuroimaging use-cases, it is by no means is limited to this field of science and tools will find utility in other fields as well.


ReproMan is under initial rapid development to establish core functionality. While the code base is still growing the focus is increasingly shifting towards robust and safe operation with a sensible API. There has been no major public release yet, as organization and configuration are still subject of considerable reorganization and standardization.

See if you are interested in internals and/or contributing to the project.

Code status:

  • Travis tests status (master branch)


  • Documentation


ReproMan requires Python 3 (>= 3.4).

Debian-based systems

On Debian-based systems we recommend to enable NeuroDebian from which we will soon provide recent releases of ReproMan (as soon as there is something to release). We will also provide backports of all necessary packages from that repository.

Other Linux'es, OSX (Windows yet TODO) via pip

By default, installation via pip installs core functionality of reproman allowing for managing datasets etc. Additional installation schemes are available, so you could provide enhanced installation via pip install reproman[SCHEME] where SCHEME could be

  • tests to also install dependencies used by unit-tests battery of the reproman
  • full to install all of possible dependencies.

For installation through pip you would need some external dependencies not shipped from it (e.g. docker, singularity, etc.) for which please refer to the next section.


Our and corresponding packaging describes all necessary dependencies. On Debian-based systems we recommend to enable NeuroDebian since we use it to provide backports of recent fixed external modules we depend upon. Additionally, if you would like to develop and run our tests battery see regarding additional dependencies.

Later we will provide bundled installations of ReproMan across popular platforms.




It is in a beta stage -- majority of the functionality is usable but Documentation and API enhancements is WiP to make it better. Please do not be shy of filing an issue or a pull request. See for the guidance.

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