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Regression tests

Preparing workflow for testing

  • each workflow should have a separate dictionary under workflows4regtests
  • the workflow with command line interface should be in the workflow subdirectory
  • all input data needed to run the workflow should be under the data_input subdirectory
  • all reference results should be saved in the data_ref subdirectory
  • each workflow should have parameters.json to describe environment, input data, script and command to run the workflow, and chosen tests for the workflow outputs, e.g.
    "command": "python",
    "env": {
        "base": [
        "conda_env_yml": [
        "fsl": [
    "inputs": [
    "script": "",
    "tests": [
        "file": "output/metaflow/AnnArbor_sub16960/save_json/segstats.json", 
        "script": "", 
        "name": "test"