@NGPixel NGPixel released this Jun 10, 2017 · 305 commits to master since this release

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  • Deploy: Heroku support
  • Localization: All UI text elements are now localized
  • Localization: Chinese locale is now available (thanks to @choicky)
  • Localization: Korean locale is now available (thanks to @junwonpk)
  • Localization: Portuguese locale is now available (thanks to @felipeplets)
  • Localization: Russian locale is now available (thanks to @efimlosev)
  • Localization: Spanish locale is now available (thanks to @MatiasArriola)
  • Misc: Copy to clipboard modal when clicking on header anchor
  • Print: Optimized layout and colors for print view


  • Misc: Refactored all client-side code into Vue components
  • Misc: Updated dependencies
  • UI: Reveal 'Top of Page' only on scroll + icon only
  • UI: Updated navigation buttons design
  • UI: Updated editor toolbar + page design


  • Configuration Wizard: Public option is now saved properly in config file
  • Configuration Wizard: Git check no longer fails when unable to remove existing remotes
  • Editor: Large size content can now be saved up to 1 MB
  • Editor: Editor no longer fails to initialize if it contains unescaped mustache content
  • Misc: Page content no longer renders non-highlighted HTML content enclosed in code blocks
  • Misc: Empty anchors no longer crash the rendering process
  • Misc: Commented headers no longer appear in page contents
  • Misc: CJK + Arabic validators are now working properly
  • Move: It is now possible to move a page to non-existant sub-directory (or deeper)
  • Search: Content is now indexed properly and handles more scenarios
  • Search: CJK search terms are no longer stripped
  • UI: Markdown is now stripped from page contents items
  • UI: Page contents no longer disappear when scrolling down