@NGPixel NGPixel released this Jul 9, 2017 · 245 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • Admin: Added Host Information section to System Info page
  • Admin: Added Color Theme page to modify look and feel
  • Editor: Linebreaks are now rendered, can be disabled via config option
  • Localization: German locale is now available (thanks to @joetjengerdes)
  • UI: Support for color themes, code blocks dark/light + colorize on/off


  • Editor: TeX and MathML is now rendered server-side to SVG
  • UI: Updated icons to Nucleo icon set
  • Misc: Updated dependencies


  • Configuration Wizard: Git version check is now handled properly when using 2 or 3 version precision
  • Editor: Blockquotes are now displayed in their correct color stylings
  • Misc: 'Entry does not exist' page now display sub-pages separator correctly
  • Misc: Locked dependencies to patch instead of minor version
  • Misc: Saving a page no longer crash the search index engine