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Decryption provider

This document specifies what is a decryption provider, how to use it and how to implement it in Request Network context.


It uses the Request Network Protocol concepts of Identity described in the request logic specification.


The decryption provider is an object in charge of decrypting encrypted data. It hosts the keys used for decryption. To not expose the keys, the decryption provider takes only the identities as parameters and not the keys itself.

Functions and properties


This read-only property lists in an array all the encryption methods the decryption provider is able to decrypt.

Possible values: 'ecies'


This read-only property lists in an array all the identity types the decryption provider supports.

Possible values: 'ethereumAddress'


This function checks if it is possible to decrypt from a specific identity.

Parameters Type Description
identity Identity Identity to check

Returns: true if the identity is registered in the provider, false otherwise.


This function is able to decrypt encrypted data with the methods listed in supportedMethods and for the identity types listed in supportedIdentityTypes

Parameters Type Description
data string Encrypted data to decrypt
identity Identity Identity of the private key that will be used to decrypt

Returns: The data decrypted in a string

Throws: The function must throw if:

  • The data don't follow the request network multi-format
  • The data are not encrypted in a supported method
  • The identity type is not supported
  • The provider doesn't have decryption key linked to the identity given
  • The decryption failed for any reason
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