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I have noticed sometimes that when I click on a link on a webpage the browser completely ignores it, as if I didn't click. I mostly notice it on google search. However, when I right click->open new tab on that same link the link opens fine in the new tab.

The reason why I think RequestPolicy is responsible is that on this wbesite (make sure first that request policy is stopping any links to google-analytics from that webpage from loading): if you scroll down to the bottom you'll see a link to continue read page two and three of that article. When I click on that (that is the number 2 or 3) nothing happens. When I then go to request policy and allow requests from cnn to google-analytics clicking on the page numbers start working again.

I cannot see what google-analytics has to do with clicking on that link so I think it must be a bug.

Running Firefox 11.0 on win7 with RequestPolicy 0.5.25



open in new tab doesn't go through the request policy rules, since you are requesting that explicitly, I guess.

I noticed that occasionally clicks get ignored but the corresponding domain shows up in the list of blocked objects when you click on the red flag, if you allow the from/to rule, it works when clicking the next time. This may be an issue with link tracking in google analytics, but I'm not sure


I also noticed that sometimes if I double or triple click on the link it will open up, but that only happens maybe 10% of the time.


Same behaviour seen quite often on Google search and couple of other sites.

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Clicking on link doesn't open link #301

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