RequestPolicy is a Firefox extension that gives you control over cross-site requests.
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RequestPolicy Continued

About RequestPolicy

RequestPolicy is a Firefox extension that gives you control over cross-site requests. It does this through user-defined whitelists and blacklists. Users can also subscribe to policies (whitelists and blacklists) maintained by others.

For more information about RequestPolicy and cross-site requests, have a look at our website

This project

The RequestPolicy "Continued" project is a fork of RequestPolicy, which had been developed by Justin Samuel until 2012. Currently we aim at releasing our first stable version – 1.0 – but there is still much to do. If you want to be informed about this milestone, you could subscribe to this issue. If you're interested, here you can find a list of all open issues for version 1.0.

Getting the Source Code

If you'd like to download the RequestPolicy source code from our version control system, you can do so with:

git clone

Building the XPI Firefox addon

Before building you need to install GNU Make, Zip and On a debian-based system you could run:

sudo apt-get install make zip preprocess

After preparation, run make from the repository's root directory. The XPI file will be created at dist/requestpolicy-*.xpi and can be used for easy installation of RP into your web browser (e.g. Firefox).


GPL v3


See here.