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myrdd commented Aug 19, 2014

I consider creating a first stable 1.0 version the most important issue on this project. As there have been quite some changes between the latest 0.5 version and the current 1.0 beta, I'd like to use this page to discuss what needs to be done before we will release 1.0.0 stable.

In this first post, I'll summarize what needs to be done. This means, the following list is only a first proposal and definitely not complete. I'd like to invite everyone to participate especially in this discussion.

  • fix important bugs
  • fix compatibility issues – take over options & features from 0.5 so that it won't be a "downgrade"
    • the "strictness" option (#474)
    • the export/import feature (#342)
    • enable/disable auto reload (#466)
    • ... (list not complete)
    • as soon as there are no compatibility issues anymore, remove the warning on the website.
  • blacklist feature (#443)
  • translations
  • don't link to anymore
  • ...

In general, all issues that are important for version 1.0.0 will be marked with the 1.0 milestone.

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myrdd commented Aug 19, 2014

By the way, I'd like to say that I'm very happy already about the activity in this new repository! I think that we're on a good way to "reactivate" this project. Keep up the good work! :-)


Will you put the translations on Babelzilla like the original one or should we translate the files here?

nodiscc commented Oct 9, 2014

hi @anthologist I think we should accept translations directly here on github (no need to setup a project on babelzilla, no need to check babelzilla before releasing), but maybe babelzilla could bring us more translators?

The process for translation on github is fairly easy (eg. go to, click the "Edit" button and do a pull request. It should be documented in the wiki.)


@nodiscc thanks, I already translated on github so I'll do it for this addon too. I'll do a pull request very soon.

myrdd commented Sep 2, 2015

It's important to have 1.0 stable before Electrolysis gets into Firefox Release. Since the wiki page says that could happen end of 2015, it's quite urgent. So in the next time I'll do especially release-critical tasks. Those are:

  • issue #641 – migrate Mozmill tests to the Marionette framework
  • issues labeled „1.0 vs 0.5“ – features present in 0.5 but missing in 1.0
  • more… TBD
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