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ro-python library

Build Status

This repository is a partial fork of ro-manager in order to


#!/usr/bin/env python3
from rolib.bundle import *
from rolib.manifest import *
import datetime

with Bundle("",mode='w') as ro:

    ro.manifest.createdOn =
    # Stian created the reserarch object (this collection)
    stian = Agent(name="Stian Soiland-Reyes", orcid="")
    ro.manifest.createdBy = stian

    ro.writestr("hello.txt", "To be, or not to be, that is the question")
    hello = ro.manifest.get_aggregate("hello.txt")

    # Stian created the hello.txt resource
    hello.createdBy = stian
    hello.createdOn =
    ## but someone else authored its content:
    shakespeare = Agent(name="William Shakespeare", uri="")
    hello.authoredBy = shakespeare
    hello.authoredOn = datetime.datetime(1604,1,1).isoformat()

    # Aggregate an external resource, also different author
    quote = ro.manifest.add_aggregate("")
    quote.authoredBy = shakespeare
    # Folger Shakespeare Library made the digital representation
    folger = Agent(name="Folger Shakespeare Library", uri="")
    quote.createdBy = folger

    # This wikipage (which we didn't need to aggregate) is somewhat about this quote
    ro.manifest.add_annotation(about=quote.uri, content=",_or_not_to_be")
    # And also about our hello.txt - even if it doesn't mention it by URL
    ro.manifest.add_annotation(about="hello.txt", content=",_or_not_to_be")