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Software and Data Citation Workshop

This site contains use cases and products from the Software and Data Citation Workshop (thank you to Matt Jones of the organizing committee for initially setting up this Github site). The main workshop website is found here:

Use Cases

This repository is mainly for use case development and discussion, and uses the standard GitHub issue tracker. You will need a GitHub account to be able to add use cases and discuss existing use cases. For an example use case, see Use Case #11.

A list of all software and data citation use cases contributed thus far for this workshop can be found here:

Adding a new use case

  1. Open the Issues section of this repository and click on New Issue
  2. Provide a short, descriptive title starting with "Use Case:"
  3. Add the appropriate labels, including one of citing data, citing software, and use case
  4. Leave the use case (i.e. GitHub Issue) "Open" as this allows the use case to remain visible in the list

Please use the following Markdown template for new use cases to encourage some uniformity across the use cases (please retain the specific #'s and *'s shown in the following template as this is something called Markdown Syntax used by GitHub). Copy and paste it into the body of your new issue, and then edit it to add your use case details before saving the issue to GitHub.

# Use Case: 
* Contributors: 

## Goals and Summary
Provide goals and description of the use case here.

## Why is it important and to whom?
* First reason
* Second reason

## Why hasn’t it been solved yet?
* First reason
* Second reason

## Actionable Outcomes
Workshop outcomes will include actionable plans to enable the broader research community to 
implement the software and data attribution practices that are identified and advanced by 
the participants of the workshop.  Articulate plans to implement this use case, as possible, 
into one or more of your projects subsequent to the workshop.

## Additional Information and Links
* [An example link](

Discussing an existing use case

Please feel free to add relevant comments to the use cases, which might expand upon the case, point out similarities to other use cases, or suggest revisions to the description, among other things. Use Case authors should incorporate revisions based on the comments as they see fit, and at the workshop we will further formalize these into a set that the group expects to reasonably represent science community needs for software and data citation.