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## Deploying libraries to MavenLocal
- When working locally on backbone or skin, it can help to deploy the libraries to a local maven repo for testing
- Open the **ResearchStack project** in Android Studio
- Go to Run > Edit Configurations...
- Add new configuration (plus icon)
- Choose Gradle as the configuration type
- Set the name to "Deploy locally" or something
- Choose the **/build.gradle** file as the "Gradle project" field
- Add "install" to the tasks field
- Save
- Run that configuration and check ~/.m2 to see if it deployed
- Open your own Android Studio project and follow the instructions below to add these newly-deployed libraries as dependencies.
## Using the local library in a gradle Android app
After deploying the library module(s) that you need to your local machine using the above instructions, add it to your Android Studio project by doing this:
In the build.gradle file in your app folder, add the following to your root build.gradle so that it knows to search the ~/.m2 directory for dependencies:
allprojects {
repositories {
Then add the following entry to your dependencies in your app build.gradle:
dependencies {
compile 'org.researchstack:backbone:VERSION'
// or (if using Skin, you don't need Backbone since it is included)
compile 'org.researchstack:skin:VERSION'
## Running tests
Tests are located in the /backbone/src/test or /skin/src/test folder. Run the tests in Android Studio by right clicking on 'backbone' or 'skin' and clicking "Run 'All Tests'".
## Code Style
Contributors should import code_style_settings.jar into Android Studio and use the 'researchstack' Java code style. Make sure to 'Reformat Code' and 'Optimize Imports' using this style (but don't 'Reorganize Code') before submitting a pull request.