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Modüler Robotik Platform
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#Description: Aim is to build a modular robotic platform that will enable you to develop robotic systems that is mostly focused on localization and 2D LIDAR mapping.

#Mapping a Dorm Room With The Prototype: Mapping a dorm room.

#Project Related Links: #Video Diary #Project website

#How It Works? RP-LIDAR 360 and Camera mounted Raspberry Pi will be the heart of this system. Raspberry Pi will utilize the following modules in order to achieve locatilaztion and self-charge from plugs; wheelModule 4 Independent Wheels & Encoders Arduino Esp8266 roboticArmModule Robotic Arm Arduino Esp8266 batteryModule accumulator (akü) Esp8266 brainModule Raspberry Pi (MQTT server, WiFi AccessPoint)

#Project Challanges:

  • -Haar-Traning to recognize wall plugs -Set-Up ROS -Set-Up ROS-Nodejs Integration -Create ROS module for image(plug) recognition alternative(1): craete the module on nodejs -NodeJs MQTT client module -Set-Up MQTT server on Raspberry Pi -Use Raspberry Pi as Access Point (Use nodejs wifi api?) -Set-Up RPLIDAR 360 integration to ROS alternative(2): write a nodejs driver for it.

    !: In case of implementing alternative 1 & alternative 2 we won't need ROS to operate this system. We can just use nodeJs.

#Esp8266 SERIAL-MQTT Bridge #Description Esp8266 that uses NodeMCU firmware will send messages to MQTT channel, that are recieved from the serial that are in JSON format.

#Project Challanges
#Project Structure

#RaspberryPi NodeJs App: #Description This app will be nodeJs implementation of some ROS modules. Aim is to make easier to develop these modules.

#Project Structure
		loop() --Loop will period around a minute.

	Wifi API:

#Contact #For Helping Me at The Different Stages of The Project, Special Thanks Goes to: Gürol Sağlam Sami Menteş Burak Kara Emir Ünlütürk Oğulcan Cingiler Mehmet Mert Özgün

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