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Geospatial tools for working with census blocks, street networks, building footprints in Python
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streetmapper is a utility library for working with common forms of geospatial building and block level data. In particular, it is designed for performing joins between the following common types of geospatial data:

  • building footprints
  • census blocks
  • street networks
  • point features

streetmapper is built mostly using geopandas and shapely under the hood. It is in the same style as osmnx, which provides structured utilities for working with street networks.

This module is currently still a single-purpose library, designed in support of the trash-talk project. In the future I would like to perhaps merge the most valuable ideas in this module into the pysal project.


I recommend installing the underlying geospatial packages with conda, followed by installing streetmapper with pip:

conda install -c conda-forge geopandas rtree
pip install git+
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