Simple reverse proxy for the Google Maps Directions API service.
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This repository defines a reverse proxy service for the Google Maps Directions API. It is a service component used by the subway-explorer-webapp, which uses this API to perform route selection in the application front-end.

For more information on why this exists, see the in the subway-explorer-webapp repository.


You will need a Google Maps Directions API key. You will also need to have Node.JS installed.

First, clone the repository:

git clone

Install the necessary libraries from the root folder:

npm install

Create an .env file in the root folder with your Google Maps Directions API credentials:


Start the service.

node index.js

It will accessible from localhost:9000. Here's one URL you can try, to make sure the service is up:


Using the container

This repo contains a Docker file bundled with Node.JS and this application.

To build the container image, run the following from the root folder:

docker build -t residentmario/subway-explorer-gmaps-proxy .

Make sure you have a .env file populated. Then, to run the container (pointing it to localhost:49161):

docker run -p 49161:9000 --env-file .env -d residentmario/subway-explorer-gmaps-proxy

You can visit the following (port-forwarded) URI in the browser to verify that the connection is being served:


You can also jump inside the container by running docker exec -it 949cc5d81abe /bin/bash (replacing the name with the name of the running image, discoverable via docker ps) and inspect the running processes to verify things are running as expected.