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Resonance implementation in Pyretic
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FSMs update
apps update code
drivers in process
etc server lb
mininet_topos Add Ratelimit app
policies update
scripts minor updates Update added new refactored code with apps and drivers (i.e., JSON and SFlow)
global.config adapt to new pyretic master Add Ratelimit app refact fixed script adapt to new pyretic master


Resonance is an SDN control platform that advocates event-driven network control. Resonance makes networks easier to manage by automating many tasks that are currently performed by manually modifying multiple distributed device configuration files in face of various network events, where configuration files are expressed in low-level, vendor-specific CLI commands. More information on the Resonance project can be found here.


PyResonance is Resonance implemented with Pyretic. Pyretic provides a better programmer-friendly environment with high-level APIs, libraries, and constructs. Pyretic's composition operators (parallel and sequential) add great value for composing modular programs.

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