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# Makefile - A courtesy of Respect\Foundation.
# A collection of reusable targets for automating almost everything of a
# project
# Make sure you have GNU Make, and type `make` in this Makefile folder.
# General Configuration
VERSION = 0.1.13
FOUNDATION_HOME = $(shell pwd)/.foundation
CONFIG_TOOL = ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/repo/bin/project-config.php
GENERATE_TOOL = ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/repo/bin/project-generate.php
PACKAGES_PEAR = pear config-get php_dir
SHELL := $(shell which bash)
THIS = $(word 1,$(MAKEFILE_LIST))
UNAME = $(shell uname)
HAS_OPEN = $(shell command -v open)
HAS_XDG = $(shell command -v xdg)
HAS_SENSIBLE = $(shell command -v sensible-browser)
# Macros
.ERROR="\ ""\ ""\ ""\ ">"\ "$(.RED)[ERROR]$(.CLEAR)
.OKN="\ ""\ ""\ ""\ ">"\ "$(.GREEN)[OK]$(.CLEAR)
.WARN="\ ""\ ""\ ""\ ">"\ "$(.YELLOW)[WARNING]$(.CLEAR)
.ONESHELL: ; # recipes execute in same shell
.NOTPARALLEL: ; # wait for this target to finish
.EXPORT_ALL_VARIABLES: ; # send all vars to shell
default: help-default; # default target
Makefile: ; # skip prerequisite discovery
@if [[ ! -n "$(notitle)" ]]; then \
echo -e " $(.BOLD)# Respect/Foundation: $(VERSION)$(.CLEAR)"; \
echo " Usage: make NAME [PARAMETERS]"; \
echo ""; \
fi; \
.check-foundation: .title
@make -v|grep -qi GNU || echo -e "\nWARNING: Foundation Makefile was developed for use with GNU Make, \
using other flavoured binaries may have unwanted consequences.\n"
@make -v|grep -q 'built for .*apple' && echo -e "\nWARNING: The apple built edition of GNU Make have several \
known quirks and is not recommended. For best results, install make with homebrew and link it in out of \
"keg only" or create an alias to the non apple distributed version of GNU Make instead.\n" || true
@[[ -d $(FOUNDATION_HOME) ]] || \
(make -s -f $(THIS) .prompt-yesno message='Update Makefile? ' && \
make -s -f $(THIS) foundation) \
# Help is not the default target cause its mainly used as the main
# build command. We're reserving it.
help-default help: .title
@echo " help: Shows Respect/Foundation Help Menu: type: make help"
@echo " foundation: Installs and updates Foundation"
@echo ""
@echo -e " $(.BOLD)Other Menus$(.CLEAR)"
@echo -e " -----------"
@echo " menu-project: Project Scripts Menu"
@echo " menu-test: Testing Menu"
@echo " menu-package: Show Packaging Toolbox Menu"
@echo " menu-dev: Show Dev Toolbox Menu"
@echo " menu-deploy: Show Deploy & Release"
@echo ""
menu-test: .title
@echo -e " $(.BOLD)Project Testing$(.CLEAR)"
@echo -e " ----------------------------"
@echo " test: Run project tests"
@echo " testdox: Run project tests - output in testdox format"
@echo " coverage: Run project tests and report coverage status"
@echo " clean: Removes code coverage reports"
@echo " bootstrap-php: (Re)create all purpose bootstrap.php for phpunit in test folder"
@echo " bootstrap-php-opt: Optimized all purpose bootstrap.php with static pear path in test folder"
@echo " phpunit-xml: (Re)create phpunit.xml in test folder"
@echo " travis-yml: (Re)create .travis.yml in root folder"
@echo " travis-lint: Validate your .travis.yml configuration"
@echo " test-skelgen: Generate boilerplate PHPUnit skeleton tests per class see help-skelgen"
@echo " test-skelgen-all: Generate tests for all classes and it's overwrite safe of course"
@echo " phantomjs-snapshot: Take a snapshot of that page with the webkit headless browser"
@echo " phantomjs-inject: Inject javascript/jquery into pages for output to stdout."
@echo "phantomjs-inject-verbose: Verbose output of script injection to help see whats going on."
@echo ""
menu-project: .title
@echo -e " $(.BOLD)General Utilities$(.CLEAR)"
@echo -e " ----------------------------"
@echo " project-info: Shows project configuration"
@echo " project-init: Initialize current folder and create boilerplate project structure"
@echo " gitignore: (Re)create .gitignore file"
@echo ""
@echo -e " $(.BOLD)Cleaning$(.CLEAR)"
@echo -e " -----------"
@echo " clean-all-whitespace: All in one does tabs2spaces, unix-line-ends and trailing_spaces"
@echo " clean-tabs2spaces: Turns tabs into 4 spaces properly handling mixed tab/spaces"
@echo " clean-unix-line-ends: Fixes unix line endings"
@echo " clean-trailing_spaces: Removes trailing whitespace"
@echo "clean-single-blank-lines: Removes multiple blank lines adds blank line at end of file"
@echo "clean-remove-eof-php-tag: Removes php tag at the end of a file if exists"
@echo " clean-up-makefile-baks: Delete all Makefile.bak files"
@echo ""
@echo -e " $(.BOLD)Metrics and Standards$(.CLEAR)"
@echo -e " -----------"
@echo " cs-fixer: Run PHP Coding Standards Fixer to ensure your cs-style is correct"
@echo " codesniff: Run PHP Code Sniffer to generate a report of code analysis"
@echo " phpcpd: Run PHP Copy Paste detector"
@echo " phpdcd: Run PHP Dead Code detector"
@echo " phploc: Run PHP Lines Of Code analyzer for project code statistics"
@echo " phpdoc: Run PhpDocumentor2 to generate the project API documentation"
@echo ""
menu-package: .title
@echo -e " $(.BOLD)Package Description$(.CLEAR)"
@echo -e " -----------"
@echo " package-ini: Creates the basic package.ini file"
@echo " package-xml: Propagates changes from package.ini to package.xml"
@echo " composer-json: Propagates changes from package.ini to composer.json"
@echo " package: Generates package.ini, package.xml and composer.json files"
@echo " pear: Generates a PEAR package"
@echo " composer-validate: Validate composer.json for syntax and other problems"
@echo " composer-install: Install this project with composer which will create vendor folder"
@echo " composer-install-dev: Install this development project with composer using --dev"
@echo " composer-update: Update an exiting composer installation and refresh repositories"
@echo ""
@echo -e " $(.BOLD)Package Generation$(.CLEAR)"
@echo -e " -----------"
@echo " Parameters: package=vendor/package (required)"
@echo ""
@echo " composer-create-project: Create a project from a package into its default directory"
@echo " composer-require: Add required package to composer.json and install it"
@echo " composer-search: Search for a package ksown to composer"
@echo " install: Install this project and its dependencies in the local PEAR"
@echo " info-php: Show information about your PHP"
@echo " config-php: Locate your PHP configuration file aka. php.ini"
@echo " include-php: Show the PHP configured (php.ini) include path"
@echo " info-pear: Show information about your PEAR"
@echo " locate-pear: Locate the PEAR packages installation folder"
@echo " install-pear: PEAR installation instructions"
@echo " updated-pear: See if there are any updates for PEAR and the installed packages"
@echo " update-all-pear: Update all packages if any updates are available"
@echo " packages-pear: Show the list of PEAR installed packages and their version numbers"
@echo " verify-pear: Verify that we can include System.php in PHP script"
@echo " info-check-pear: PEAR installation verification checklist instructions"
@echo " info-pyrus: Show information about your PEAR2_Pyrus - PEAR2 Installer"
@echo " install-pyrus: Download and install PEAR2_Pyrus"
@echo " info-composer: Show information about your composer"
@echo " install-composer: Download and install composer"
@echo ""
menu-dev: .title
@echo -e " $(.BOLD)Development Info$(.CLEAR)"
@echo -e " -----------"
@echo " Parameters: package=vendor/package (required)"
@echo ""
@echo " info-git-extras: Show information about your installed git extras"
@echo " install-git-extras: Install git extras"
@echo " info-cs-fixer: Show information about your installed PHP Coding Standards Fixer"
@echo " install-cs-fixer: Install PHP Coding Standards Fixer"
@echo " info-codesniff: Show information about your installed PHP_CodeSniffer"
@echo " install-codesniff: Install PHP_CodeSniffer"
@echo " install-psr-sniff: Install Code Sniffer PSR sniffs to allow for PSR 0-3 compliancy checks"
@echo " info-phpunit: Show information about your installed PHPUnit"
@echo " install-phpunit: Install PHPUnit"
@echo " info-phpcpd: Show information about your installed PHP Copy Paste detector"
@echo " install-phpcpd: Install PHPcpd"
@echo " info-phpdcd: Show information about your installed PHP Dead Code detector"
@echo " install-phpdcd: Install PHPdcd"
@echo " info-phploc: Show information about your installed PHP LOC analyzer"
@echo " install-phploc: Install PHPloc"
@echo " info-skelgen: Show information about your installed PHPUnit Skeleton Generator"
@echo " install-skelgen: Install PHPUnit Skeleton Generator"
@echo " info-test-helpers: Show information about your installed PHPUnit Test Helpers extension"
@echo " install-test-helpers: Install PHPUnit Test Helpers extension"
@echo " info-phpdoc: Show information about your installed PhpDocumentor2"
@echo " install-phpdoc: Install PhpDocumentor2"
@echo " info-phd: Show information about your installed PhD"
@echo " install-phd: Install PhD is a PHP based Docbook renderer to build the documentation"
@echo " info-phpsh: Show information about your installed PHP Shell (phpsh)"
@echo " install-phpsh: Install PHP Shell (phpsh) - Requires Python"
@echo " info-phantomjs: Show information about your installed phantomjs headless webkit browser"
@echo " install-phantomjs: Install phantomjs - headless webkit browser"
@echo " install-travis-lint: Install travis-lint configuration checker - Requires ruby gems"
@echo " install-uri-template: Install uri_template a php extension. Might require sudo."
@echo ""
menu-deploy: .title
@echo -e " $(.BOLD)Deployment$(.CLEAR)"
@echo -e " -----------"
@echo " Parameters: package=vendor/package (required)"
@echo ""
@echo " patch: Increases the patch version of the project (X.X.++)"
@echo " minor: Increases the minor version of the project (X.++.0)"
@echo " major: Increases the major version of the project (++.0.0)"
@echo " alpha: Changes the stability of the current version to alpha"
@echo " beta: Changes the stability of the current version to beta"
@echo " stable: Changes the stability of the current version to stable"
@echo " tag: Makes a git tag of the current project version/stability"
@echo " pear-push: Pushes the latest PEAR package. Custom pear_repo='' and pear_package='' available."
@echo " release: Runs tests, coverage reports, tag the build and pushes to package repositories"
@echo ""
@(echo -e "$(.ERROR) $(text)";exit 1)
@(echo -e "$(.WARN) $(text)";exit 1)
@echo -e " > $(.BOLD) Checking folder $(folder)$(.CLEAR)"
@([[ -d $(folder) ]] && echo -e "$(.OKN)") || make -f $(THIS) -s .exit text="$(text)"
@echo -e " >$(.BOLD) Checking file $(file)$(.CLEAR)"
@([[ -f $(file) ]] && echo -e "$(.OKN)") || make -f $(THIS) -s .exit text="$(text)"
@([[ -f $(file) ]] && echo -e "$(.OKN)") || make -f $(THIS) -s .warn text="$(text)"
@([[ -f $(folder) ]] && echo -e "$(.OKN)") || make -f $(THIS) -s .warn text="$(text)"
@([[ -f $(file) ]] && echo -e " > $(.BOLD)$(text)$(.CLEAR)")
@([[ -f $(folder) ]] && echo -e " $(.BOLD)$(text)$(.CLEAR)")
# Foundation puts its files into .foundation inside your project folder.
# You can delete .foundation anytime and then run make foundation again if you need
foundation: .title
@ #Makefile
@make -f $(THIS) -s .foundation-backup-makefile gitignore='*.bak'
@echo -e " > $(.BOLD)Downloading most recent Makefile$(.CLEAR)"
@-rm 'Makefile'
@-curl -LO --progress-bar
@make -f $(THIS) -s .needs-file file='Makefile' text='Makefile could not be retrieved'
@echo -e " > $(.BOLD)(Re)creating ${FOUNDATION_HOME} folder$(.CLEAR)"
git clone --depth 1 git:// ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/repo
@make -f $(THIS) -s .gitignore-foundation gitignore=".foundation"
@make -f $(THIS) -s .needs-folder folder=${FOUNDATION_HOME} text='Foundation could not be installed'
@echo -e " > $(.BOLD)Downloading Onion$(.CLEAR)"
@curl -LO --progress-bar > ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/onion;chmod +x ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/onion
@make -f $(THIS) -s .needs-file file="${FOUNDATION_HOME}/onion" text='Onion Could not be installed'
@[[ -x ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/onion ]] || make -f $(THIS) -s .exit text="${FOUNDATION_HOME} not executable, run chmod +x to fix it";
.foundation-backup-makefile: .gitignore-foundation
@echo -e " > $(.BOLD)Backing up current Makefile$(.CLEAR)"
@[[ -f "Makefile.bak" ]] && { export list=( @$$(ls Makefile.bak*) ); \
cp Makefile "Makefile.bak.$${#list[@]}"; } || \
cp Makefile Makefile.bak
@make -s .prompt-yesno message="Do you want to delete Makefile backups?" && \
rm -f Makefile.bak* && echo -e "$(.OKN)";
@make -f $(THIS) -s .suggests-file file='.gitignore' text=".gitignore found, making it ignore ${gitignore}"
@test -f .gitignore || make -f $(THIS) .gen-gitignore
@grep -q "${gitignore}" .gitignore || echo "${gitignore}" >> .gitignore
@make -f $(THIS) -s .needs-file file='.gitignore' text='Verifying modified .gitignore...'
@echo -e " > $(.BOLD)(Re)patching .gitignore$(.CLEAR)"
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) config-template gitignore > gitignore.tmp && mv -f gitignore.tmp .gitignore
@make -f $(THIS) -s .needs-file file='.gitignore' text='Checking .gitignore...'
gitignore: .title .gen-gitignore
project-info: .check-foundation
@echo -e " $(.BOLD)Project Information$(.CLEAR)"
@echo -e " -----------"
@echo " php-version:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) php-version `
@echo " project-repository:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) project-repository `
@echo " library-folder:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) library-folder `
@echo " test-folder:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder `
@echo " config-folder:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) config-folder `
@echo " public-folder:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) public-folder `
@echo " vendor-folder:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) vendor-folder `
@echo " sandbox-folder:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) sandbox-folder `
@echo " documentation-folder:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) documentation-folder `
@echo " executables-folder:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) executables-folder `
@echo " vendor-name:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) vendor-name `
@echo " package-name:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-name `
@echo " project-name:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) project-name `
@echo " one-line-summary:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) one-line-summary `
@echo " package-description:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-description `
@echo " package-version:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-version `
@echo " package-stability:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-stability `
@echo -e "\r project-authors: "`$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-authors` \
|tr ',' "\n"| awk -F' <' '{printf "%25s%-25s <%15s \n","",$$1,$$2}'
@echo -e "\r project-contributors: "`$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-contributors ` \
|tr ',' "\n"| awk -F' <' '{printf "%25s%-25s <%15s \n","",$$1,$$2}'
@echo " package-date-time:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-date-time `
@echo " pear-path:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) pear-path `
@echo " pear-channel:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) pear-channel `
@echo " pear-repository:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) pear-repository `
@echo " phar-repository:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) phar-repository `
@echo " pear-dependencies:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) pear-dependencies `
@echo " extension-dependencies:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) extension-dependencies `
@echo " readme-file:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) readme-file `
@echo " project-license:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) project-license `
@echo " project-homepage:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) project-homepage `
@echo " user-name:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) user-name `
@echo " user-email:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) user-email `
@echo " user-home:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) user-home `
@echo ""
test-skelgen: .check-foundation
@echo -e " > $(.BOLD)Verifying test bootstrap$(.CLEAR)"
@test -f $(shell $(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder)/bootstrap.php || make -f $(THIS) bootstrap-php > /dev/null
@$(eval source-folder=$(shell $(CONFIG_TOOL) library-folder))
-@if test "$(class)"; then \
echo -e " > $(.BOLD)Class $(class) found. Generating... $(.CLEAR)"; \
cd $(shell $(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder) && ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/repo/bin/phpunit-skelgen-classname "${class}" $(source-folder); \
else \
echo -e "$(.WARN) Class not found."; \
echo -e "\n $(.BOLD)Tesk Skeleton Generation$(.CLEAR)" ; \
echo -e " -----------" && \
echo " Parameters: class=\"My\\Awesome\\Class\" (required)"; \
echo; \
fi; \
@$(eval source-folder=$(shell $(CONFIG_TOOL) library-folder))
@find $(source-folder) -type f -name "*.php" \
| sed -E 's%$(source-folder)/(.*).php%class=\\"\1\\"%' \
| sed 's%/%\\\\\\\\%g' \
| xargs -L 1 make -s -f $(THIS) test-skelgen notitle=yes;
# Re-usable target for yes no prompt. Usage: make .prompt-yesno message="Is it yes or no?"
# Will exit with error if not yes
@exec 8<&0 0</dev/tty
@case $(shell [[ ! -z $$FOUNDATION_NO_WAIT ]] && echo "Y" \
|| read -t5 -n1 -p " > $(message) [Y]:" && echo $$REPLY) in\
[nN]) echo -e "\n > $(.YELLOW)[ABORTED]$(.CLEAR)" && exit 1 ;;\
esac && echo -e ""
([[ ! -z $$FOUNDATION_NO_WAIT ]] && \
echo -e " > $(.GREEN)[AUTO CONTINUING]$(.CLEAR)" || \
echo -e " > $(.GREEN)[CONTINUING]$(.CLEAR)")
info-phantomjs: .check-foundation
@echo -en " $(.BOLD)Phantom JS "
@/usr/bin/env PATH=$$PATH:${FOUNDATION_HOME} phantomjs -v 2> /dev/null || (echo -e "\n$(.WARN) No phantomjs installed." && false)
@echo -e " ----------$(.CLEAR)"
install-phantomjs: .check-foundation
@echo -e " $(.BOLD)Phantom JS$(.CLEAR)"
@echo -e " -----------"
@echo -e "$(.WARN) Due to frequent releases (based on webkit) we are not able"
@echo -e " > to install this package for you at this time."
@echo -e " > Detailed installation instructions are available at"
@echo -e "$(.WARN) Wait for the browser to close..."
@make -s -f $(THIS) .prompt-yesno message="Would you like to have the url opened?" && $(BROWSE) ""
@echo -e "$(.WARN) Wait for the browser to close...\n"
@make -s -f $(THIS) .check-phantomjs notitle=1
@(make -s -f $(THIS) info-phantomjs \
|| make -s -f $(THIS) install-phantomjs) \
|| (echo -e "$(.ERROR) Unable to install phantomjs. Aborting..." && false)
phantomjs-inject phantomjs-inject-verbose: .check-foundation
@make -s -f $(THIS) .check-phantomjs notitle=1
@[[ -z "$(url)" ]] && echo -e "Usage: make phantomjs-snapshot url=<site-url> [code=jQuery Script] or use stdin\n\n \
Example:\n \
As command line argument:\n \
make phantomjs-inject code='alert(\$$\$$(\"title\").text());'\n \
note: requires dollar escaped as double dollar \$$\$$\n \
From stdin:\n \
echo 'console.log(\$$(\"title\").text());' | make phantomjs-inject \n \
note: stdin allows for raw input so \$$ doesn't get processed\n \
Tips: \n \
Use single quotes to avoid shell interpretation.\n \
Both alert and/or console.log will echo to stdout.\n \
Use target phantom-inject-verbose for detailed output while debugging.\n" \
&& exit || true;
$(eval VERBOSE := $(patsubst phantomjs-inject%,%,$(@)))
@if [ -z '$(code)' ]; then \
while read -r; do \
lines="$${lines} $${REPLY}"; \
done <&0; \
phantomjs ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/repo/bin/jquery-console-phantom.js "$(url)" "$${lines}" "${VERBOSE}"; \
else \
phantomjs ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/repo/bin/jquery-console-phantom.js "$(url)" '$(code)' "${VERBOSE}"; \
phantomjs-snapshot: .check-foundation .check-phantomjs
[[ -z "$(url)" ]] && echo -e "Usage: make phantomjs-snapshot url=<site-url>\n" && exit 11 || true
mkdir -p `$(CONFIG_TOOL) sandbox-folder `/snapshots
mv -f $(shell echo -e $(shell phantomjs ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/repo/bin/snapshot.phantom.js "$(url)")) `$(CONFIG_TOOL) sandbox-folder `/snapshots/.
@echo -e "$(.WARN) Wait for the browser to close..."
$(BROWSE) `$(CONFIG_TOOL) sandbox-folder `/snapshots/
@echo -e "$(.WARN) Wait for the browser to close..."
project-init: .check-foundation
@echo -e " > $(.BOLD)Initializing project$(.CLEAR)"
@if test -d .git; then \
echo; \
echo -e " > $(.BOLD) It appears you already have a git repository configured.$(.CLEAR)"; \
echo -e " > $(.BOLD) This target, will run git init and auto add + commit.$(.CLEAR)"; \
if ! make -s -f $(THIS) .prompt-yesno message="Do you want to continue?"; then \
echo -e "$(.WARN) Aborted"; \
exit; \
fi; \
fi; \
make -s -f $(THIS) .project-init
.project-init: git-init project-folders phpunit-xml bootstrap-php package git-add-all
sleep 2
git add -A
git commit -a -m"Project initialized."
project-folders: .check-foundation
@echo -e " > $(.BOLD)Creating folders-$(.CLEAR)"
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) project-folders createFolders
@echo -en " $(.BOLD)Git Extras "
@/usr/bin/env PATH=$$PATH:${FOUNDATION_HOME} git extras --version 2> /dev/null || (echo -e "\n$(.WARN) No git extras installed." && false)
@echo -e " ----------$(.CLEAR)"
install-git-extras: .check-foundation
@make -f $(THIS) info-git-extras > /dev/null || (cd ${FOUNDATION_HOME} && curl | INSTALL=y sh)
git-init: .check-foundation git-init-only git-add-all
@git commit -a -m"Initial commit."
git-init-only: .check-foundation
@git init --shared=all
git-add-all: .check-foundation
@git add -A
codesniff: .check-foundation
@echo "Running PHP Codesniffer to assess PSR compliancy"
phpcs -p --report-full=`$(CONFIG_TOOL) documentation-folder `/full2.out `$(CONFIG_TOOL) library-folder `
phpunit-codesniff: .check-foundation
@echo "Running PHP Codesniffer to assess PHPUnit compliancy"
phpcs -p --extensions=PHPUnit --report-full=`$(CONFIG_TOOL) documentation-folder `/full2.out `$(CONFIG_TOOL) library-folder `
phpcpd: .check-foundation
@echo Running PHP Copy paste detection on library folder
phpcpd --verbose `$(CONFIG_TOOL) library-folder `
phpdcd: .check-foundation
@echo Running PHP Dead Code detection on library folder
phpdcd --verbose `$(CONFIG_TOOL) library-folder `
phploc: .check-foundation
@echo Running PHP Lines of code statistics on library folder
phploc --verbose `$(CONFIG_TOOL) library-folder `
phpdoc: .check-foundation
@echo generating documentation with PhpDocumentor2.
phpdoc -d `$(CONFIG_TOOL) library-folder ` -t `$(CONFIG_TOOL) documentation-folder ` -p
phpunit-xml: .check-foundation
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) config-template phpunit.xml > phpunit.xml.tmp && mkdir -p $(shell $(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder) && mv -f phpunit.xml.tmp $(shell $(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder)/phpunit.xml
bootstrap-php: .check-foundation
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) config-template bootstrap.php > bootstrap.php.tmp && mkdir -p $(shell $(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder) && mv -f bootstrap.php.tmp $(shell $(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder)/bootstrap.php
bootstrap-php-opt: .check-foundation
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) config-template bootstrap.php.opt > bootstrap.php.tmp && mkdir -p $(shell $(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder) && mv -f bootstrap.php.tmp $(shell $(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder)/bootstrap.php
package-ini: .check-foundation
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) package-ini > package.ini.tmp && mv -f package.ini.tmp package.ini
travis-yml: .check-foundation
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) config-template travis.yml > travis.yml.tmp && mv -f travis.yml.tmp .travis.yml
# Generates a package.xml from the package.ini
package-xml: .check-foundation
@${FOUNDATION_HOME}/onion build; echo
@if test -f package.xml; then \
echo Respect/Foundation:; \
echo; echo " $$ make pear"; echo; \
composer-json: .check-foundation
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) composer-json > composer.json.tmp && mv -f composer.json.tmp composer.json
# Generates all package files
package: .check-foundation package-ini package-xml composer-json
# Phony target so the test folder don't conflict
.PHONY: test
test: .check-foundation
@cd `$(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder`;phpunit $$([[ -n "$(filter)" ]] && echo "-v --debug --filter $(filter)") .
testdox: .check-foundation
@cd `$(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder`;phpunit --testdox .
coverage: .check-foundation
@cd `$(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder`;phpunit --testdox --coverage-html=reports/coverage --coverage-text .
@echo "Done. Reports also available on `$(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder`/reports/coverage/index.html"
@$(shell $(BROWSE) reports/coverage/index.html)
cs-fixer: .check-foundation
@cd `$(CONFIG_TOOL) library-folder`;${FOUNDATION_HOME}/php-cs-fixer -v fix --level=all --fixers=indentation,linefeed,trailing_spaces,unused_use,return,php_closing_tag,short_tag,visibility,braces,extra_empty_lines,phpdoc_params,eof_ending,include,controls_spaces,elseif .
@echo "Library folder done. `$(CONFIG_TOOL) library-folder`"
@cd `$(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder`;${FOUNDATION_HOME}/php-cs-fixer -v fix --level=all --fixers=indentation,linefeed,trailing_spaces,unused_use,return,php_closing_tag,short_tag,visibility,braces,extra_empty_lines,phpdoc_params,eof_ending,include,controls_spaces,elseif .
@echo "Test folder done. `$(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder` "
@echo "Done. You may verify the changes and commit if you are happy."
# Any cleaning mechanism should be here
clean: .check-foundation
@rm -Rf `$(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder`/reports
# Targets below use the same rationale. They change the package.ini file, so you'll need a
# package-sync after them
patch: .check-foundation
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) package-ini patch > package.ini.tmp && mv -f package.ini.tmp package.ini
minor: .check-foundation
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) package-ini minor > package.ini.tmp && mv -f package.ini.tmp package.ini
major: .check-foundation
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) package-ini major > package.ini.tmp && mv -f package.ini.tmp package.ini
alpha: .check-foundation
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) package-ini alpha > package.ini.tmp && mv -f package.ini.tmp package.ini
beta: .check-foundation
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) package-ini beta > package.ini.tmp && mv -f package.ini.tmp package.ini
stable: .check-foundation
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) package-ini stable > package.ini.tmp && mv -f package.ini.tmp package.ini
tag: .check-foundation
-git tag `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-version ` -m 'Tagging.'
# Runs on the current package.xml file
pear: .check-foundation
@$(eval count=$(shell grep -c dir package.xml)) \
if test $(count) -gt 1; then \
pear package; \
else \
echo "There are no <contents> defined in package.xml"; \
echo "Nothing to build"; \
@pear info $(shell $(CONFIG_TOOL) package-name)|egrep 'Version|Name|Summary|Description|-'
# On root PEAR installarions, this need to run as sudo
install: .check-foundation
@if ! test -f package.xml; then \
echo "No package.xml found."; \
echo "Nothing to install"; \
elif ! make -f $(THIS) info 2> /dev/null; then \
echo "You may need to run this as sudo."; \
echo "Discovering channel"; \
pear channel-info $(shell $(CONFIG_TOOL) pear-channel) || pear channel-discover $(shell $(CONFIG_TOOL) pear-channel); \
pear install package.xml; \
info-php: .check-foundation
@echo -e " $(.BOLD)PHP Version $(.CLEAR)"
@echo -e " ----------"
@/usr/bin/env PATH=$$PATH:${FOUNDATION_HOME} php --version 2> /dev/null || (echo -e "\n$(.WARN) No php installed." && false)
config-php: .check-foundation
@echo "The location of your PHP configuration file."
php --ini
include-php: .check-foundation
@echo "The PHP configured include path where external packages can be found, like PEAR packages for example."
php -r 'echo get_include_path()."\n";'
info-pear: .check-foundation
@echo -e " $(.BOLD)PEAR Version $(.CLEAR)"
@echo -e " ----------"
@/usr/bin/env PATH=$$PATH:${FOUNDATION_HOME} pear -V 2> /dev/null || (echo -e "\n$(.WARN) No PEAR installed." && false)
updated-pear: .check-foundation
@echo -e " > $(.BOLD) Fetching possible upgrade information from all channels.$(.CLEAR)"
pear list-upgrades
update-all-pear: .check-foundation
@echo -e " > $(.BOLD)Updating all PEAR packages if any updates are available.$(.CLEAR)"
pear upgrade-all
packages-pear: .check-foundation
@echo -e " > $(.BOLD)The following PEAR packages are currently installed.$(.CLEAR)"
pear list
locate-pear: .check-foundation
@echo -e " > $(.BOLD)The PEAR installed package can be found at:$(.CLEAR)"
pear config-get php_dir
verify-pear: .check-foundation
@echo "If the following PHP script:"
@echo "<?php"
@echo " require_once 'System.php';"
@echo " echo 'Can we include PEAR System.php? : ';"
@echo " var_export(class_exists('System', false));"
@echo "?>"
@echo ""
@echo "Executes without any error and answers true to our question then you may safely assume that the PEAR installation is sound."
@php -r "require_once 'System.php'; echo PHP_EOL, 'Can we include PEAR System.php? : ', var_export(class_exists('System', false), true), PHP_EOL;"
install-pear: .check-foundation
@echo "Because we rely so extensively on a proper PEAR installation it is pertinent that PEAR is installed properly."
@echo "Unfortunately I am not confident that I am capable, at this point, to successfully install PEAR on every system,"
@echo "yours in particular, without making a complete mess of things."
@echo ""
@echo "Don't worry this is not difficult and I am sure you will succeed by following the detailed instructions at the"
@echo "following URL:"
@echo ""
@echo "Once you're done you are welcome to return so I may assist you with the installation verification process."
@echo "You can start the verification with $ make verify"
@echo "Good luck!"
info-check-pear: .check-foundation
@echo "At the address: PEAR lists a comprehensive"
@echo "list of instructions to execute and verify that the installation is sound."
@echo ""
info-cs-fixer: .check-foundation
@echo "This is what I know about your PHP Coding Standards Fixer."
${FOUNDATION_HOME}/php-cs-fixer -V
install-cs-fixer: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download PHP Coding Standards Fixer."
curl -o ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/php-cs-fixer && chmod a+x ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/php-cs-fixer
install-travis-lint: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to install travis-lint. Requires ruby gem..."
@gem install travis-lint
travis-lint: .check-foundation
@echo "Checking your .travis.yml"
@travis-lint ./.travis.yml
info-composer: .check-foundation
@echo "This is what I know about your composer."
@/usr/bin/env PATH=$$PATH:${FOUNDATION_HOME} composer about 2> /dev/null || (echo "No composer installed." && false)
install-composer: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download and install composer packager."
@curl -s | php -d detect_unicode=0
@mv composer.phar ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/composer && chmod a+x ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/composer && exit 0
@-make -s -f $(THIS) info-composer || make -s -f $(THIS) install-composer || (echo "Unable to install composer. Aborting..." && false)
composer-validate: .check-foundation .check-composer
@echo "Running composer validate, be brave."
@/usr/bin/env PATH=$$PATH:${FOUNDATION_HOME} composer validate -v
composer-install: .check-foundation .check-composer
@echo "Running composer install, this will create a vendor folder and configure autoloader."
@/usr/bin/env PATH=$$PATH:${FOUNDATION_HOME} composer install -v
composer-install-dev: .check-foundation .check-composer
@echo "Running composer install --dev, this will create a vendor folder and configure autoloader."
@/usr/bin/env PATH=$$PATH:${FOUNDATION_HOME} composer install -v --dev
composer-update: .check-foundation .check-composer
@echo "Running composer update, which updates your existing installation."
@/usr/bin/env PATH=$$PATH:${FOUNDATION_HOME} composer update -v
composer-create-project: .check-foundation .check-composer
@[[ -z "$(package)" ]] && echo -e "Usage: make composer-require package=vendor/package\n" && exit 11 || true
@echo "Running composer create project for package: $(package)"
@/usr/bin/env PATH=$$PATH:${FOUNDATION_HOME} composer -v create-project "$(package)"
composer-require: .check-foundation .check-composer
@[[ -z "$(package)" ]] && echo -e "Usage: make composer-require package=vendor/package\n" && exit 1 || true
@echo "Running composer require, adding and installing as required package: $(package)"
@/usr/bin/env PATH=$$PATH:${FOUNDATION_HOME} composer -v require "$(package)"
composer-search: .check-foundation .check-composer
@[[ -z "$(package)" ]] && echo -e "Usage: make composer-search package=search-package\n" && exit 1 || true
@echo "Running composer search, seeing if we can find a package called: $(package)"
@/usr/bin/env PATH=$$PATH:${FOUNDATION_HOME} composer -v search "$(package)"
info-pyrus: .check-foundation
@echo "This is what I know about your PEAR2_Pyrus."
${FOUNDATION_HOME}/pyrus --version
install-pyrus: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download and install PEAR2_Pyrus."
curl -o ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/pyrus && chmod a+x ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/pyrus
${FOUNDATION_HOME}/pyrus mypear `$(CONFIG_TOOL) vendor-folder`
${FOUNDATION_HOME}/pyrus install PEAR2_Pyrus_Developer-alpha
${FOUNDATION_HOME}/pyrus install PEAR2_Autoload-alpha
${FOUNDATION_HOME}/pyrus install PEAR2_Templates_Savant-alpha
info-codesniff: .check-foundation
@echo "This is what I know about your PHP_CodeSniffer."
phpcs --version
@echo "The following PHP_CodeSniffer coding standard sniffs are installed."
phpcs -i
install-codesniff: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download and install PHP_CodeSniffer. This will likely require sudo."
@pear install --alldeps --soft PHP_CodeSniffer
install-psr-sniff: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download and install PHP_CodeSniffer sniffs for PSR's. This will likely require sudo."
@cd `$(PACKAGES_PEAR)`/PHP/CodeSniffer/Standards && git clone PSR
@phpcs --config-set default_standard PSR
install-phpunit-sniff: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download and install PHPUnit_CodeSniffer sniffs for PHPUnit standards. This will likely require sudo."
@cd `$(PACKAGES_PEAR)`/PHPUnit/ && git clone && cp -R PHPUnit-CodeSniffer/PHPUnitStandard ../PHP/CodeSniffer/Standards/PHPUnit
info-phpunit: .check-foundation
@echo "This is what I know about your PHPUnit."
@phpunit --version
install-phpunit: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download and install PHPUnit. This will likely require sudo."
@pear channel-info > /dev/null || pear channel-discover || pear channel-update
@pear channel-info > /dev/null || pear channel-discover || pear channel-update
@pear install --alldeps --soft
info-phpcpd: .check-foundation
@echo "This is what I know about your PHPcpd."
@phpcpd --version
install-phpcpd: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download and install PHPcpd. This will likely require sudo."
@pear channel-info > /dev/null || pear channel-discover || pear channel-update
@pear install --alldeps --soft
info-phpdcd: .check-foundation
@echo "This is what I know about your PHPdcd."
@phpdcd --version
install-phpdcd: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download and install PHPdcd. This will likely require sudo."
@pear channel-info > /dev/null || pear channel-discover || pear channel-update
@pear install --alldeps --soft
info-phploc: .check-foundation
@echo "This is what I know about your PHPloc."
@phploc --version
install-phploc: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download and install PHPloc. This will likely require sudo."
@pear channel-info > /dev/null || pear channel-discover || pear channel-update
@pear install --alldeps --soft
install-phpcov: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download and install PHPcov. This will likely require sudo."
@pear channel-info > /dev/null || pear channel-discover || pear channel-update
@pear install --alldeps --soft
@echo "This is what I know about your PHPUnit_SkeletonGenerator.\n"
@phpunit-skelgen --version
install-skelgen: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download and install PHPUnit Skeleton Generator. This will likely require sudo."
@pear channel-info > /dev/null || pear channel-discover || pear channel-update
@pear channel-info > /dev/null || pear channel-discover || pear channel-update
@pear install --alldeps --soft
info-test-helpers: .check-foundation
@pecl info phpunit/test_helpers|egrep 'Version|Name|Summary|Description|-'
@if make -f $(THIS) info-test-helpers 2> /dev/null; then \
exit; \
fi; \
echo "Attempting to download and install PHPUnit Test Helpers. This will likely require sudo." \
pear channel-info > /dev/null || pear channel-discover || pear channel-update; \
pecl install --alldeps --soft phpunit/test_helpers
info-phpdoc: .check-foundation
@echo "This is what I know about your PhpDocumentor."
@echo "The command is piped through more, press spacebar to page or q to abort."
@pear info phpdoc/phpDocumentor-alpha
install-phpdoc: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download and install PhpDocumentor2. This will likely require sudo."
@pear channel-info > /dev/null || pear channel-discover || pear channel-update
@pear install --alldeps --soft phpdoc/phpDocumentor-alpha
info-phd: .check-foundation
@echo "This is what I know about your PhD."
@pear info
install-phd: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download and install PhD. This will likely require sudo."
@pear channel-info > /dev/null || pear channel-discover || pear channel-update
@pear install --alldeps --soft
info-phpsh: .check-foundation
@echo "This is what I know about your phpsh."
@phpsh --version
install-phpsh: .check-foundation
@echo "Attempting to download and install phpsh."
git clone --progress -v ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/phpshsrc
sudo easy_install readline
cd ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/phpshsrc && python build && sudo python install
install-uri-template: .check-foundation
@git clone --progress -v git:// ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/uri-template
@cd ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/uri-template && phpize && ./configure && make && make test && make install
@echo If all went well and you saw no errors or FAILs then congratulations!
@echo all that is left is to ensure that is in your php.ini
# Clean up utils
@printf "."
@if test "$(file)"; then \
expand -t 4 "$(file)" > "$(file).tmp" && cp -f "$(file).tmp" "$(file)"; rm -f "$(file).tmp"; \
else \
find . -type f -name "*.php" -exec make -s -f $(THIS) clean-tabs2spaces file="{}" \;; \
echo; echo -e " > $(.BOLD) Done converting tabs to spaces.$(.CLEAR)"; \
@printf "."
@if test "$(file)"; then \
awk '{sub(/[ \t]+$$/, "")};1' "$(file)" > "$(file).tmp" && cp -f "$(file).tmp" "$(file)"; rm -f "$(file).tmp"; \
else \
find . -type f -name "*.php" -exec make -s -f $(THIS) clean-trailing-spaces file="{}" \;; \
echo; echo -e " > $(.BOLD) Done removing trailing spaces.$(.CLEAR)"; \
@printf "."
@if test "$(file)"; then \
awk '{sub(/\r$$/,"")};1' "$(file)" > "$(file).tmp" && cp -f "$(file).tmp" "$(file)"; rm -f "$(file).tmp"; \
else \
find . -type f -name "*.php" -exec make -s -f $(THIS) clean-unix-line-ends file="{}" \;; \
echo; echo -e " > $(.BOLD) Done converting line endings.$(.CLEAR)"; \
@printf "."
@if test "$(file)"; then \
awk '!NF{x="\n"};NF{print x $$0;x=""};END{print EOF}' "$(file)" > "$(file).tmp" && cp -f "$(file).tmp" "$(file)"; rm -f "$(file).tmp"; \
else \
find . -type f -name "*.php" -exec make -s -f $(THIS) clean-single-blank-lines file="{}" \;; \
echo; echo -e " > $(.BOLD) Done converting to single blank lines.$(.CLEAR)"; \
clean-all-whitespace: .check-foundation
@echo -e " $(.BOLD)Whitespace Cleaning$(.CLEAR)"
@echo -e " -----------"
@if test "$(file)"; then \
make -s -f $(THIS) clean-tabs2spaces file="$(file)"; \
make -s -f $(THIS) clean-unix-line-ends file="$(file)"; \
make -s -f $(THIS) clean-trailing-spaces file="$(file)"; \
make -s -f $(THIS) clean-single-blank-lines file="$(file)"; \
else \
make -s -f $(THIS) clean-tabs2spaces; make -s -f $(THIS) clean-unix-line-ends; make -s -f $(THIS) clean-trailing-spaces; make -s -f $(THIS) clean-single-blank-lines; \
@printf "."
@if test "$(file)"; then \
awk '{c=c $$0 "\n"};END{sub(/\n$$/,"",c); sub(/[[:space:]]*\n\?\>[[:space:]]*$$/,"\n",c); print c}' "$(file)" > "$(file).tmp" && cp -f "$(file).tmp" "$(file)"; rm -f "$(file).tmp"; \
else \
find . -type f -name "*.php" -exec make -s -f $(THIS) clean-remove-eof-php-tag file="{}" \;; \
echo; echo -e " > $(.BOLD) Done removing php closing tags ?> at end of file.$(.CLEAR)"; \
# Install pirum, clones the PEAR Repository, make changes there and push them.
pear-push: .check-foundation
@echo "Installing Pirum"
@sudo pear install --soft --force
@echo "Cloning channel from git" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) pear-repository`
-rm -Rf ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/pirum
git clone --depth 1 `$(CONFIG_TOOL) pear-repository`.git ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/pirum
pirum add ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/pirum `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-name`-`$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-version`.tgz;pirum build ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/pirum;
cd ${FOUNDATION_HOME}/pirum;git add .;git commit -m "Added " `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-version`;git push
@git add package.ini package.xml composer.json
@git commit -m "Updated package files"
# Uses other targets to complete the build
release: test package packagecommit pear pear-push tag
@echo "Release done. Pushing to GitHub"
@git push
@git push --tags
@echo "Done. " `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-name`-`$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-version`