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CONFIG_TOOL = php .foundation/repo/bin/project-config.php
GENERATE_TOOL = php .foundation/repo/bin/project-generate.php
# Help is not the default target cause its mainly used as the main
# build command. We're reserving it.
@echo "Foundation. See 'make help' for instructions."
@echo "\nFoundation Help\n"
@echo " help: Shows this message"
@echo " foundation: Installs and updates Foundation"
@echo " project-info: Shows project configuration"
@echo " test: Run project tests"
@echo " coverage: Run project tests and reports coverage status"
@echo " clean: Removes code coverage reports"
@echo " patch: Increases the patch version of the project (X.X.++)"
@echo " minor: Increases the minor version of the project (X.++.0)"
@echo " major: Increases the major version of the project (++.0.0)"
@echo " alpha: Changes the stability of the current version to alpha"
@echo " beta: Changes the stability of the current version to beta"
@echo " stable: Changes the stability of the current version to stable"
@echo " tag: Makes a git tag of the current project version/stability"
@echo " package-ini: Creates the basic package.ini file"
@echo " package-xml: Propagates changes from package.ini to package.xml"
@echo " composer-json: Propagates changes from package.ini to composer.json"
@echo " package: Generates package.ini, package.xml and composer.json files"
@echo " pear: Generates a PEAR package"
@echo " install: Install this project and its dependencies in the local PEAR"
@echo " pear-push: Pushes the latest PEAR package. Custom pear_repo='' and \n\
pear_package='' available."
@echo " release: Runs tests, coverage reports, tag the build and pushes\n\
to package repositories"
@echo ""
# Foundation puts its files into .foundation inside your project folder.
# You can delete .foundation anytime and then run make foundation again if you need
@echo "Updating Makefile"
curl -LO
@echo "Creating .foundation folder"
-rm -Rf .foundation
-mkdir .foundation
git clone --depth 1 git:// .foundation/repo
@echo "Downloading Onion"
-curl -L > .foundation/onion;chmod +x .foundation/onion
@echo "Done."
@echo "\nFoundation Project Information\n"
@echo " php-version:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) php-version`
@echo " project-repository:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) project-repository`
@echo " library-folder:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) library-folder `
@echo " test-folder:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder `
@echo " config-folder:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) config-folder `
@echo " public-folder:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) public-folder `
@echo " executables-folder:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) executables-folder `
@echo " vendor-name:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) vendor-name `
@echo " package-name:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-name `
@echo " project-name:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) project-name `
@echo " one-line-summary:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) one-line-summary `
@echo " package-description:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-description `
@echo " package-version:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-version `
@echo " package-stability:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-stability `
@echo "\r project-authors: "`$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-authors ` \
| tr -t ',' '\n' \
| awk -F' <' '{ printf " %-10-s \t<%15-s \n",$$1,$$2 }'
@echo "\r project-contributors: "`$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-contributors ` \
| tr -t ',' '\n' \
| awk -F' <' '{ printf " %-10-s \t<%15-s \n",$$1,$$2 }'
@echo " package-date-time:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-date-time `
@echo " pear-channel:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) pear-channel `
@echo " pear-repository:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) pear-repository `
@echo " phar-repository:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) phar-repository `
@echo " pear-dependencies:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) pear-dependencies `
@echo " extension-dependencies:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) extension-dependencies `
@echo " readme-file:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) readme-file `
@echo " project-license:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) project-license `
@echo " project-homepage:" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) project-homepage `
@echo ""
# Two-step generation including a tmp file to avoid streaming problems
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) package-ini > package.ini.tmp && mv -f package.ini.tmp package.ini
# Generates a package.xml from the package.ini
package-xml: build
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) composer-json > composer.json.tmp && mv -f composer.json.tmp composer.json
# Generates all package files
package: package-ini package-xml composer-json
# Phony target so the test folder don't conflict
.PHONY: test
@cd `$(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder`;phpunit .
@cd `$(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder`;phpunit --coverage-html=reports/coverage --coverage-text .
@echo "Done. Reports also available on `$(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder`/reports/coverage/index.html"
# Any cleaning mechanism should be here
@rm -Rf `$(CONFIG_TOOL) test-folder`/reports
# Targets below use the same rationale. They change the package.ini file, so you'll need a
# package-sync after them
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) package-ini patch > package.ini.tmp && mv -f package.ini.tmp package.ini
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) package-ini minor > package.ini.tmp && mv -f package.ini.tmp package.ini
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) package-ini major > package.ini.tmp && mv -f package.ini.tmp package.ini
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) package-ini alpha > package.ini.tmp && mv -f package.ini.tmp package.ini
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) package-ini beta > package.ini.tmp && mv -f package.ini.tmp package.ini
@$(GENERATE_TOOL) package-ini stable > package.ini.tmp && mv -f package.ini.tmp package.ini
-git tag `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-version ` -m 'Tagging.'
# Runs on the current package.xml file
@pear package
# On root PEAR installarions, this need to run as sudo
@echo "You may need to run this as sudo."
@echo "Discovering channel"
-@pear channel-discover `$(CONFIG_TOOL) pear-channel`
@pear install package.xml
# Install pirum, clones the PEAR Repository, make changes there and push them.
@echo "Installing Pirum"
@sudo pear install --soft --force
@echo "Cloning channel from git" `$(CONFIG_TOOL) pear-repository`
-rm -Rf .foundation/pirum
git clone --depth 1 `$(CONFIG_TOOL) pear-repository`.git .foundation/pirum
pirum add .foundation/pirum `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-name`-`$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-version`.tgz;pirum build .foundation/pirum;
cd .foundation/pirum;git add .;git commit -m "Added " `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-version`;git push
@git add package.ini package.xml composer.json
@git commit -m "Updated package files"
# Uses other targets to complete the build
release: test package packagecommit pear pear-push tag
@echo "Release done. Pushing to GitHub"
@git push
@git push --tags
@echo "Done. " `$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-name`-`$(CONFIG_TOOL) package-version`
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