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Dependency containers for components from the PHP Community and managed by Respect\Config for your convenience.


PHP has loads of frameworks and thousands of great components, would't it be novel if there was a way to use the components easily and without a fuss?

Respect/Respected is a repository that aims to do just that! Maintaining the dependencies of all the great components out there, so we can easily use them and personalise their configurations to fit our needs.

PS: all the declared components are lazy-loaded, things are only instantiated when they are really needed and otherwise will stay out of your way.

What components do we cover

Look for all the INIs in this repository, each one is a different component, ready to use. See the examples below for more information.

PPS: before using the components, make sure that they are already available to the application.

Doctrine 2

Before you can use it you must first change database configurations and add entity paths related to your project in the INI.

use Respect\Config\Container;
use My\Application\Entity\User; // Example entity

$doctrine = new Container('Doctrine.ini'); // Should point to your ini path
$user     = new User('Respect');


Before using Twig you should configure the location where your templates are in the INI.

use Respect\Config\Container;

$template = new Container('Twig.ini'); // Should point to your ini path
$template->twig->render('index.html', array('name'=>'Respect'));


This repository serves as a very quick way of declaring dependencies for projects outside Respect that are compliant with the PSR-0 specification. It is not meant to be installed.

Sometime in the near future we (or you even, who knows?!) have plans to serve it in a more structured way but for now: copy and paste the INI that references the component you want to use inside your project, change some variables (if needed) and instantiate it with Respect\Config.

How do I make my own INI?

For documentation on how to write an INI, as well as information about all the other awesome and powerful things you can do, please refer to Respect\Config.

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