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Respect Project

Simple independent components for building or improving applications.

About this repository

This is a repository for the Respect project itself, its philosofy, general issues concerning multiple Respect projects, the team and everything else that doesn't fit on other specific repositories.

Our Principles

  • Keep it small and simple.
  • Clean interfaces. Easy to learn, a pleasure to use.
  • Work together with PHP. Don't try to change it, don't try to hide it.
  • Everything tested. We aim at 100% code coverage, 100% continuous integration.
  • No code generation. You shouldn't have to maintain code you don't write.
  • Our docs reflects our unit tests, naturally.
  • Meritocracy based. Wanna join our team? Contribute like a happy panda.

The Components

  • Validation, the most awesome validation engine ever created for PHP.
  • Config, a tool for managing configuration and dependencies.
  • Rest, a thin controller for RESTful applications.
  • Doc, generates documentation that rocks you sock off.
  • Relational, the easiest relational database toolkit.
  • Structural, the easiest document-oriented database toolkit.
  • Template, pure HTML/CSS templates.
  • Loader, lightweight PHP class autoloading.

Also, there are two meta-projects:

  • Foundation, a project template for us and everyone.
  • Data, a common model for collection-based data.