This Makefile handles the creation of a top-notch .deb package.
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This Makefile handles the creation of a top-notch .deb package.

Here is very much a tutorial:

It can:

  • generate a full DEBIAN/control file
  • help to write DEBIAN/{post|pre}{inst|rm} scripts
  • generate a list of files, copy files accordingly into the archive build directory
  • strip binaries
  • set correct permissions for files and directories
  • compress manpages
  • build the archive from the DEB_DIR directory (myproject.deb.d)


$ make [VAR1=value VAR2=value2 [...]] [target_command]


  1. Edit this Makefile to set correct default values to variables
  2. Use the target command content_* to order content structure (see content_help)
  3. Use the target command update to create and copy content to the .deb package
  4. PROFIT!!!

Files and directory used:

  • LIST_FILES and LIST_DIRS text files, created and modified by content_* commands
  • DEB_DIR directory created by control command