Indentation in example code not aligned properly #10

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A minor issue for sure, but it aids readability of the specification.

In many of the examples provided in the spec. (e.g. Example 1 and 2) the first source element within a picture element is indented correctly, but subsequent ones are indented further which at first glance makes them look to be child elements of the first source element.


@iandevlin I agree. If you want to do a pull request and fix up the markup, that would be awesome. Otherwise, I can try to fix it in the next few days.


Done, hopefully correctly, as it was my first ever pull request.


perfectly done! :)


@iandevlin, sorry, I forgot to mention that the index.html files are automagically generated. So in the future, you only need to update the *.src.html files.


Yes I realised that after I had already edited the index.html file. Ah well.

@zcorpan zcorpan pushed a commit to zcorpan/picture-element that referenced this issue May 6, 2014
@Hixie Hixie [giow] (1) Try to be clearer about when the poster frame is shown. Be…
…tter matches implementations (see first part of #10 in the bug).

Affected topics: HTML, Video and Audio

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