onerror when environment changed? #249

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As part of a commit to avoid onerror firing when an environment change triggered and image load, @mikewest and myself started discussing whether or not it is the right thing to do. Discussion continued on IRC as well.

@zcorpan - was I correct in my estimate regarding the rational there? Is it to avoid different browsers firing onerror differently?

zcorpan commented Oct 27, 2014

The image doesn't change to the broken state, so firing an error event seems slightly off. You can log to the console that the load failed. Is there a use case for notifying JS?


/me is back from some quality time with the mother-in-law

@mikewest - are you OK with @zcorpan's explanation? Would you like me to add console errors to instead of the unfired onerror?

mikewest commented Nov 6, 2014

Yeah, I trust you to make the right decision here. I just want to ensure it's been considered.


Cool. Closing then

@yoavweiss yoavweiss closed this Nov 6, 2014
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