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Provide a 'Use Cases for Authors' document (or similar introductory content). #27

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The use cases document ( is written using a style and tone aimed at browser vendors and others with deep knowledge of the subject.

While this document is useful for that audience, there is a second audience of designers and developers who would be better served by having more approachable content available to them.

A page or section on the site should explain the use cases in plain English. This could point to (further) examples where these use cases exist already in the wild, noting perhaps how such implementations result in users having to download unnecessary data than is required (for example).

If people wishing to get involved with RICG need to understand the use cases (why they matter, where they've arisen from, how they can't be addressed using current markup etc.), it is important that this information is available in an easy to understand and accessible format.


@paulrobertlloyd, could not agree more. I'm sorry to hear the language we are using is coming across as overly targeted at browser folks:( The primary audience for all our documents was intended to be web developers. Could use your help making sure we articulate things more clearly? I personally think all the things you mention above should be in the use cases doc. Remember it's a living document so we are happy to change it to make it better! Pull request or just pointers to where language is problematic are welcome.

@Wilto Wilto was assigned

@paulrobertlloyd we are planning to publish in about 2 weeks, so please let us know what you would like to see changed.


Yeah; I want to have this and the updates FAQ ready for publication. I’m happy to take point, and it’ll be open for feedback/collaboration well before.


Can we close this as it’s basically being covered in / a duplicate of #28?

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