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Gather usage evidence #9

marcoscaceres opened this Issue October 13, 2012 · 6 comments

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Marcos Caceres Anselm Hannemann
Marcos Caceres

In light of the use case gathering process, I was reading:

Key bits:

To discover which designs work best, watch users as they attempt to perform tasks with the user interface. This method is so simple that many people overlook it, assuming that there must be something more to usability testing. [It] boils down to the basic rules of usability:

  • Watch what people actually do.
  • Do not believe what people say they do.
  • Definitely don't believe what people predict they may do in the future.

From which I think we should do run a simple developer challenge (except without using the dicky word "challenge" :) ).

It would be a simple test like: "using either picture or img@srcset, show us how you would make this image responsive". And we provide 3 images.

We could learn a lot from it to see what syntax developers prefer to solve the problem. We would need about 400+ responses for the survey to be statistically valid.

Anselm Hannemann

What about asking via poll?
Don't understand what you mean by your 2nd test method.
Also I do think both ways are use-cases and both are used depending on what type of website and what types of images one uses for the website.

Marcos Caceres

@anselmh the problem with a poll is that we won't get representative results (see "I Repeat: Do Not Listen to Your Users")... particularly:

"Watch what people actually do"

What we to actually see how people solve the responsive images problem in code (i.e., do they use img@srset or picture, and how do they use them). Ideally, we could find enough examples in the wild to do this, but we would need about 400 samples to be statistically representative. That's too much work, so setting up a "challenge" would be better to gather a good sampling of data.

Anselm Hannemann

Thanks for explaining a bit more in depth, Marcos. If you need help with this, just notify me.

Marcos Caceres

@anselmh yeah, the original bug description is not very clear. It was a random thought at 2am on a saturday night :) I'll update it to try to make it more clear.

I've started making some "paper prototypes" (pdf)... I'll make a few more and upload them to github.

Marcos Caceres

updated description

Marcos Caceres

During today's call, @Wilto was not convinced we should gather this evidence. I'm ok to close this and come back to it in the future.

Marcos Caceres marcoscaceres closed this November 14, 2012
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