Disclaimer: This repository is a git-svn mirror of the project found at http://java.net/projects/jsip whose original repository is developed collaboratively by the Advanced Networking Technologies Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) - an agency of the United States Department of Commerce and by a community of in…
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JAIN-SIP 1.2 Reference Implementation


See docs/index.html



You need to install J2SE JDK 1.5 or above. You can get the SDK from http://www.javasoft.com


  1. You need to install ant and the junit extension for ant on your machine.
  2. You need to have junit.jar in your classpath.
  3. You need to have log4j.jar in your classpath (included in this distribution).

There are versions of the dependent libraries in the lib directory.
For your build environment, please edit ant-build-config.properties.

YOU DO NOT need jdom.jar and ant.jar. These are strictly for buildng the ant tools.

Building It from Scratch

The distribution is pre-built but should you feel inclined to make changes, or run the examples, you may wish to rebuild everything.

ant make

Builds everything.

Building the TCK

Edit tck.properties and set the claspath to your implementation.

ant runtck

(builds a jar file containing the TCK and runs it).

Look in test-reports to see the results of your run.


IMS Headers, headers in gov.nist.javax.sip.extension and all the classes that are suffixed with "Ext" in their name can be used without concern as they will be included in the next generation of the API. These will not change as a rule.

You should refrain from using any other internal classes. These are subject to change without notice.

Running the examples

Please ensure that the directory classes (relative to where you have built the distribution) is included in the classpath. Ant targets are provided in each example directory to run the examples.

How to get Source Code Refreshes

Continuous Integration



Architecture / API design:

JAIN-SIP: Joint Spec Leads -- Phelim O'Doherty (BEA) and M. Ranganathan (NIST). JAIN-SDP: The SDP API spec lead is Kelvin Porter from Cisco.

Sample Sequence diagram on how a request is processed:

Implementation Lead:

"M. Ranganathan" mranga@nist.gov

Implementation Team ( version 1.2)

"M. Ranganathan" mranga@nist.gov "Jeroen van Bemmel" jeroen@zonnet.nl

TCK (version 1.2)

M. Ranganathan mranga@nist.gov Jeroen van Bemmel jeroen@zonnet.nl


The implementation is public domain although the API itself is'nt. See the license directory in this distribution for definitive information.

Substantial input by early adopters and fearless users.

See List of Contributions at: