Repository containing the jSS7 Resource Adaptors for JAIN SLEE
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RestComm JAIN SLEE SS7 Resource Adaptors

Repository containing the jSS7 Resource Adaptors for JAIN SLEE


Open Source Java SS7 stack that allows Java apps to communicate with legacy SS7 communications equipment.

jSS7 provides an open source software solution implementing M3UA, SCCP, TCAP, CAMEL, MAP, ISUP protocols for a dedicated equipment (Dialogic) and also M3UA (SIGTRAN) over IP.

Download the jSS7 Data Sheet for more high level information.

jSS7 uses

jSS7 is lead by TeleStax, Inc. and developed collaboratively by a community of individual and enterprise contributors.


RestComm jSS7 is licensed under dual license policy. The default license is the Free Open Source GNU Affero GPL v3.0. Alternatively a commercial license can be obtained from Telestax (contact form)


Download binary from here or Continuous Delivery builds from CloudBees

Maven Repository

Artifacts are available at Sonatype Maven Repo which are also synced to central


Read our RestComm jSS7 wiki

Build From Source

Read the instructions to build RestComm jSS7 from Source

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