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streamdata.io and restdb.io chat example

Full story in this blog-post. You might go there first. Live demo can be found here

This example requires that you have a streamdata.io account set up (and of course a restdb.io account as well).

To replicate this example for yourself, you should create a database with a simple collection named "Notifications" with two text fields: "message" and "nick".

The next step is to create a restdb.io "Page" in your database and paste the contents of the index.html file into it. You should change the URLs so that they point to your database.

Note: To access the restdb.io Page externally, you need to have a Basic subscription.

Thanks to Bhaumik Patel for the chat bootstrap template.

Chat is only one example of live streaming data. The code for retrieving updated data using streamdata.io is identical for other scenarios.

Have fun!

chat screenshot