Rails-inspired kick-start or scaffolding to create new RestExpress projects quickly.
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Scaffolding projects that are used to generate Maven archetypes for creating new RestExpress projects quickly.

As this projects are used as a template to create the archetypes at https://github.com/RestExpress/RestExpress-Archetype it's better to go there if you want to see them in action and find out how to quickly create a new RestExpress project.

The following project archetypes exist:

  • restexpress-minimal - a minimal RestExpress server with no persistence back-end. Useful for compute-only services or service aggregation.
  • restexpress-mongodb - a full-up project with persistence in MongoDB and asynchronous cascade-delete support via Domain Eventing.
  • restexpress-cassandra - a project with persistence in Cassandra and asynchronous cascade-delete support via Domain Eventing.

Please note that these projects often utilize a Maven snapshot repository, so please include the following in your ~/.m2/settings.xml file:


Generating Archetypes

To generate each archetype, use the ./scripts/create-archetype.sh shell script. For example:

cd minimal
cd mongodb
cd cassandra