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Removed multiple declarations of method

method had two identical declarations: 'mappableObjectForData:'
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1 parent 8d5e315 commit 0d719be9bab4e8d9745e356fedd9695117b54e24 @jakemask jakemask committed Aug 10, 2012
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  1. +0 −7 Code/ObjectMapping/RKObjectMapping.h
@@ -499,13 +499,6 @@ relationship. Relationships are processed using an object mapping as well.
- (Class)classForProperty:(NSString *)propertyName;
- Returns an auto-released object that can be used to apply this object mapping
- given a set of mappable data. For transient objects, this generally returns an
- instance of the objectClass. For Core Data backed persistent objects, mappableData
- will be inspected to search for primary key data to lookup existing object instances.
- */
-- (id)mappableObjectForData:(id)mappableData;
// Deprecations
+ (id)mappingForClass:(Class)objectClass withBlock:(void (^)(RKObjectMapping *))block DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE;

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