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Mapping operation errors result in treating all managed objects matching the URL as orphaned #1695

saniul opened this Issue · 1 comment

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When fetch requests are defined and we get a mapping operation error on a matching URL deleteLocalObjectsMissingFromMappingResult treats all managed objects matching the URL as orphaned.

As a result we lose all objects that match the request URL:

  • If we encounter an error that we could not map (RKUnprocessableError)
  • If the response body cannot be parsed
  • If we encounter an error and the response body is empty (RKUnprocessableError)

and, as far as we can see

  • If willMapDeserializedResponseBlock returns nil (RKMappingErrorMappingDeclined)
  • If no matching response descriptors were found (RKMappingErrorNotFound)

This is handled correctly only if the operation was canceled thanks to this line in RKManagedObjectRequestOperation.m

if ([weakSelf isCancelled]) return completionBlock(mappingResult, responseMappingError);

For the time being we are using this workaround

if (responseMappingError) return completionBlock(mappingResult, responseMappingError);

Hey @saniul, a failing unit test would really help us track down the problem. Thanks.

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