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Whitespace Cleanup #743

jawwad opened this Issue · 0 comments

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It would be great to do a whitespace cleanup on the repository just before shipping this release. This will make the Style Cleaup task in #614 much easier.

Command to clean trailing whitespace:
git ls-files -z *.m *.h *.json | grep -vz ^Vendor/ | grep -vz ^Tests/Vendor/ | xargs -0 /usr/bin/sed -i '' -E 's/[[:space:]]*$//'

Command to replace tabs with spaces:
Note: OSX sed won't recognize a '\t' so delete it and type Ctrl+v, tab to insert a tab character in its place
git ls-files -z *.m *.h *.json | grep -vz ^Vendor/ | grep -vz ^Tests/Vendor/ | xargs -0 /usr/bin/sed -i '' 's/\t/ /g'

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