Updated the podfile so it can find the correct version / information. #1659

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jleach commented Nov 1, 2013

Ref. Issue #1657

I wasn't able to install the pods without updating :path to be :podspec. I think :path is deprecated in favour of :pod spec in newer version of pod.


blakewatters commented Nov 2, 2013

Hrm I have not seen any deprecation warnings about this. Looking into it.


blakewatters commented Nov 2, 2013

I am really not sure why you were having trouble using the existing Podfile. :path is very much a valid, non-deprecated argument for configuring a Pod reference pointed at a local path (see external_source.rb in CocoaPods Gem). The :podspec argument refers to a Podspec at an arbitrary URL.

Closing as this change should not be necessary.

jleach commented Nov 2, 2013


I'll go see why a simple code change caused Travis to fail with this same issue. Maybe I did something else.


blakewatters commented Nov 2, 2013

I am taking a look at Travis and will advise

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