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ReMooD is a source port of the popular game Doom based on Doom Legacy 1.42 and aims to provide a similar experience yet enhanced and much more stable. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3 (or at your option any later version).

Goodbye everyone!

Hello everyone, this is RestlessRodent (they/them/their) where I used to go by the name of GhostlyDeath. I am writing this as a goodbye. I will no longer be a part of this community and I will not be working on ReMooD any more. I will be honest and say that for the past few years I have not really been a part of it at all. Personally I have gone through some rough times and it was really tough. However now I have seen where I can be happy and be myself. I have also accepted myself and who I am and I no longer want to be afraid of myself. It is a great feeling. To be honest, I have felt much pain here and I am going to let it go. I have changed so much since I first started being in the community. For those of you who I had spent time with, I enjoyed it. I do know that I have been quite abrasive in the past which has rubbed people the wrong way. I want to apologize for this and I hope you can forgive me. I have met many friends here and I want to thank all of you for being as such, continue being awesome! It is time that I accept that ReMooD is a failure of a source port. I have rebooted it so many times in the past with rewrites, feature creep, and other such things. The goal post I kept setting has always been out of reach. Even if I set the post to a closer point it is still out of reach. At this point I barely work on it and I just never have the heart to work on it at all. Probably my most successful project was one that I never really intended to be successful in the first place, which is ChocoRenderLimits. Basically it was created to help Esselfortium in developing her rather ambitious vanilla level set. Since this project is still so useful to people I have handed it away. It is something that something you want to be successful fails completely but something you never intended to be in the first place was. One thing I encourage is to learn programming so that you too can experiment on source ports. Hacking Doom has really helped me increase my skill level because the effect of what I did had a fun result. I would say that if you do have a hobby project, keep it fun and not a hobby. However, do consider things like refactoring and burn out in mind. It might be tough at first, but believe in yourself and you can do it. To level designers, keep designing levels because you are pretty awesome at it. To be honest I have not played a new WAD in years.

If you are asking yourself why? I have only just been in with my foot keeping it open for the chance to come back for the past few years. A few times I reached in with my knee but it always went back to the foot. So I am going to close the door now and move on.

I will ask that in the future, please do not bother me about ReMooD or ChocoRenderLimits.

Thank you and may our paths potentially cross in the future!

Other Links

  • Official Repository -- You can pull the latest developmental changes from here.
  • Downloads -- Download source code and pre-built binaries.
  • Freedoom -- a freely available and open source IWAD replacement (if you do not have a copy of Doom).
  • The Doom Wiki -- This is the community supported Doom wiki which contains much information about Doom.


If you like ReMooD and are feeling generous you may donate:

  • LiteCoin (LTC) LMRzV9UxaUUVvJ71nA58fBNc3VZvwLPonL
  • BitCoin (BTC) 1CRTjt7qjoNjjJeRpourpjzaapH9YckBur

Command Line and System Usage

WAD File Directories

Directories which contain WAD files may be shared between various other source ports which support said feature.

  • Environment Variable DOOMWADDIR: A single directory.
  • Environment Variable DOOMWADPATH: A PATH-like setting (on UNIX fields are split by : while on Windows it is split by ;, this may vary for other operating systems) which contains multiple directories.

ReMooD itself has the following along with the above:

  • Command-Line Switch -doomwaddir: A single directory.
  • Command-Line Switch -doomwadpath: A PATH-like setting listing multiple directories.


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