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Advanced Redmine Notifications

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E-mail notification of issues due date you are involved in (Assignee, Author, Watcher, Custom field)


  1. Copy plugin directory into #{RAILS_ROOT}/plugins. If you are downloading the plugin directly from GitHub, you can do so by changing into your plugin directory and issuing a command like

     git clone
  2. Run the following command to upgrade your database (make a db backup before).

     bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
  3. Restart Redmine

You can also follow plugin installation procedure at


The plugin runs as a rake task so you have to set it up in cron or task sheduler

1 0 * * * root cd /opt/redmine && rake redmine:send_reminders_all RAILS_ENV=production

You can setup options in administration menu.

Reminder options in administration menu


This version supports redmine 3.x.