Sometimes sneaky is good. This plugin works like a mute button for Redmine notification emails.
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Redmine Stealth Plugin

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This plugin allows the Redmine administrator to temporarily disable sending email messages when the Redmine content is added or changed, for example, when updating issues or wiki pages. The plugin is intended to allow the administrator to make bulk changes or minor corrections without flooding the inboxes of other users.

Initially, any Redmine user with the corresponding permission could temporarily turn off sending email notifications. This feature has been deliberately disabled in this fork.

The initial author of the plugin is Riley Lynch.


This plugin si compatible with Redmine 3.x and later. Detailed information here: travis


These installation instructions are based on Redmine 2.6.0. For instructions for previous versions, see Redmine wiki.

  1. To install the plugin

    • Download the .ZIP archive, extract files and copy the plugin directory into #{REDMINE_ROOT}/plugins.


    • Change you current directory to your Redmine root directory:

        cd {REDMINE_ROOT}

      Copy the plugin from GitHub using the following command:

        git clone plugins/redmine_stealth
  2. Update the Gemfile.lock file by running the following commands:

      bundle install
  3. This plugin requires a migration. Run the following command to upgrade your database (make a database backup before):

     bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
  4. Restart Redmine.

Now you should be able to see the plugin in Administration > Plugins.


To activate the stealth mode feature, click My account and then select the Allow toggling stealth mode check box in the Redmine Stealth section.
allow stealth

This will add the Enable Stealth Mode / Disable Stealth Mode link to the right top menu, next to My account.

To enable the stealth mode and prevent Redmine from sending email messages, click Enable Stealth Mode.
enable stealth

Redmine will not send email notifications about your actions while the stealth mode is enabled. However, it will continue to send email messages about other users' actions.

After you finish, click Disable Stealth Mode to return to normal mode.
disable stealth

Note that the following feature has been disabled in this fork

Other Redmine users can also enable or disable the stealth mode by clicking the Enable Stealth Mode / Disable Stealth Mode link, if they have the corresponding permissions. stealth permissions


Danil Tashkinov,


This software is licensed under the GNU GPL v2. See COPYRIGHT and COPYING for details.