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Restyaboard Apps

Name Description Creator Version Price Download
Amazon Echo Access your Restyaboard notifications through Amazon Echo. This Restyaboard Alexa Skill is developed using AWS Lambda. You will need to login to Restyaboard in Amazon Alexa Android App. Restya 0.1.1 Paid Visit
Auto Archive Expired Cards Enables automated archiving for expired cards. Restya 0.1.1 Paid Visit
Canned Response Adds option to setup ready-made text comments in cards. Restya 0.1.1 Paid Visit
Card Template Added the feature 'Card template app' which allows the users to create a template with necessary details like members, labels and description. Further, it offers the possibility to use the same for any other card which demands the same information. Restya 0.1.1 Paid Visit
Dashboard Charts Adds charts with summary in dashboard, for easy filtering of Today Todos, etc. Restya 0.1.2 Paid Visit
Chat Enables integration with XMPP based chat. Restya 0.1.2 Paid Visit
Codenames All upcoming Restyaboard versions will be codenamed after legendary music bands, as a token of respect and appreciation and default board background will be changed to respective band's wallpaper. Restya 0.1.1 Free Visit
Theming/CSSilize CSSilize, theming partner Restya 0.1.2 Free Download
Custom Field Adds Custom Field for handling projects. Restya 0.1.2 Paid Visit
Download all attachments in Card Download all the attachments in the card as zip file. Restya 0.1.1 Paid Visit
ElasticSearch Adds easy filtering of cards. Useful when you have multiple boards Restya 0.1.2 Paid Visit
Estimated Time Tracking Adds estimated time tracking option for each cards. Restya 0.1.2 Paid Visit
European Union General Data Protection Regulation About data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union Restya 0.1.1 Free Download
Export CSV Export card details from a board as CSV Restya 0.1.1 Paid Visit
Gantt View Adds Gantt view for handling projects which Shows tasks, task dependencies, task sequence and their progress in relation to the time assigned. Restya 0.1.3 Paid Visit
Gmail Add-on Quickly create new cards on your Restyaboard boards without leaving your inbox. Restya 0.1.1 Free Visit
Hangouts Chat bot Quickly create new cards and add labels to the cards on your Restyaboard boards from Hangouts Chat. Restya 0.1.1 Paid Visit
Hide Card Additional Informations To hide the card additional informations like Card created date, Card created user, Card ID and List moved date Restya 0.1.2 Free Download
iCal Feed for User System will provide iCal feed URL for loggedin user to sync with Google calendar or any calendar. Restya 0.1.1 Paid Visit
Import from GitHub Enables importing projects and tickets from GitHub Restya 0.1.2 Paid Visit
Instant Add Card Allows users to add card quickly across boards--without having to open boards. Restya 0.1.2 Paid Visit
Helper app for the Kanban Printer Allows users to print list name and card title on sticky sheets. Restya 0.1.1 Paid Visit
LDAP Enables users to login using their LDAP accounts. Restya 0.1.2 Paid Visit
SEO Checklist Adds ready to use template SEO checklist template for performing search engine optimization. Restya 0.1.1 Paid Visit
Slack Enables posting to Slack from Restyaboard Restya 0.1.2 Paid Visit
Spent Time Tracking Adds spent time tracking option for each cards. Restya 0.1.1 Paid Visit
Support Desk Transforms Restyaboard into an easy support desk software. Comes with support widget that captures support requests from users. Restya 0.1.2 Paid Visit
Collaborate/TogetherJS Collaborate using Mozilla's TogetherJS Restya 0.1.2 Free Download
Work In Progress Limit Enables users to set work in progress limit for lists. Restya 0.1.1 Paid Visit
Website QA Checklist Adds ready to use checklist template for performing QA on a website. Restya 0.1.1 Paid Visit
Zapier Zapier is IFTTT like workflow automation service that enables integration with over 500 other websites. This app enables connecting to Zapier. Restya 0.1.2 Paid Visit
LabelStyle Shows labels with names for cards in board view ik9999 1.1 Free Visit
BoardsBar Starred boards toolbar ik9999 1.0 Free Visit

Steps to create new app

  • Create a new folder by name of your app name in apps folder.
  • App folder name must start with r_.
  • Create app.json file with your app details which is explained below.
  • Create js folder with app.js and include the app file in app.json. If any new library file need means Create libs folder within js folder and add it in libs folder and include it in app.json file.

App folder

  • app.json
  • js
  • css (if needed)
  • img (if needed)


The content of the file is used in index page. For example, content should look as follows

	"name" : "your_app_name",
	"description" : "your_app_description",
	"author" : "",
	"author_email" : "",
	"author_url" : "",
	"version" : "your_app_version",
	"price" :
	"settings_description" : "",
	"settings" : {
		"setting_name": {
			"label" : "",
			"info" : "",
			"value" : "",
			"is_public" : true
	"assets" : {
		"css" : [],
		"js" : [
	"enabled" : true


  • name - app name which is displayed in admin side app listing page to differentiate the name.
  • description - app description for understanding purpose.
  • author, author_email, author_url, version for documentation standards.
  • settings_description - settings description for how to create a application.
  • settings - settings contains your app client id, secret key, OAuth token url.
    • setting_name - Your setting name (allow only a-z, 0-9, _ ).
      • label - Label value will be used in label of setting text box.
      • info - Info value will be showed under setting text box.
      • value - Admin will configure this in UI.
      • is_public - To show/hide settings value in user side. (e.g., OAuth client secret should not visible to user. So for that settings you should set is_public as false).
  • assets - assets contains css, js files which are need to run your app.
  • enabled - status of your app.

OAuth implementation

In Restyabord, we have implemented a generic OAuth callback to get the access token. To use this approach you have to follow the below steps:

  • For OAuth implementation you should include your application client id, client secret, OAuth token URL in app.json under settings field.
  • You have to add your app folder name in prefix of client id, client secret, OAuth token URL. i.e your_app_name_client_id, your_app_name_client_secret, your_app_name_oauth_token_url.
  • Your request to get access token should be like this oauth_callback/your_app_name/CODE.

Best Practices

App script contains a time consuming calls or scripts then use Web Workers to run the script in background.