PHP project boilerplate : Silex with Boomgo / MongoDB, Bootstrap & I18n.
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Boomstone, a spark for PHP project.

As silex makes a lot of improvements with BC breaks, boomstone is temporarily deprecated. We are aware of these issues but we are quite busy at the moment.. If you are not, feel free to contribute!


  • A file structure strongly inspired by KnpLabs
  • MongoDB document storage.
  • Boomgo tiny Object Document Mapper.
  • Console & Command aware of your Silex Application.
  • i18n command to extract strings from twig.
  • A custom Validator Service Provider wich allows Yaml validation & service injection
  • An "unique" validator for Boomgo document using Boomgo service & custom validation.
  • Basic user actions: signup, signin & recovery password.
  • Basic security filter.


  1. Vendors installation
$ wget
$ php composer.phar install
  1. Create the cache dir
$ mkdir cache cache/boomgo
$ chmod -R 777 cache src/Resources/locales
  1. Export twitter bootstrap assets
$ mkdir web/js/bootstrap
$ cp vendor/twitter/bootstrap/js/*.js web/js/bootstrap/
$ cp -R vendor/twitter/bootstrap/img web/
  1. Configuration
$ cp app/config.php.dist app/config.php
  1. Generate the mappers for Boomgo ODM, (It needs the right to write aside of the Document folder).
$ vendor/bin/boomgo generate:mappers /your_absolute_path_to/boomstone/src/Boomstone/Document

How to use it


The application boot with app/bootstrap.php. This process requires a non-versioned app/config.php, to easily switch between environments (dev, test, prod...):

require_once __DIR__.'/config.php';
// require_once __DIR__.'/config_dev.php';
// require_once __DIR__.'/config_test.php'

Almost all code logic lives under the src/ path.


Boomstone provides console "a la Symfony" : php app/console. The application aware command allows you to access your silex application.

use Boomstone\Command\ApplicationAwareCommand;
class MyCommand extends ApplicationAwareCommand
    protected function execute(InputInterface $input, OutputInterface $output)
        $this->getApplication() // return the console application
        $this->getApplication()->getSilexApplication(); // return your silex $app
        $app['twig'] // return your twig instance for example.


  1. Set a directory for your locales in the app/config.php.
  2. Create sub directories for each locale used in your app: locale_path/fr, locale_path/en.
  3. Ensure this directories are writable for your PHP process.
  4. Use the command.
php app/console i18n:update [locale]
php app/console i18n:update fr
php app/console i18n:update en

You do not need to worry about your previous translated strings. They will be always preserved. Yet this bring a limitation, actually old and unused strings are not removed.

You can use translation domains

{% trans from "homepage" %}Welcome dude !{% endtrans %}
{% trans from "error" %}Sorry, it's terrible.{% endtrans %}

This will output one file per domain


Custom Validator Service Provider

State of art, yet functionnal, this provider enables all the features of Symfony Validator Component:

  • It eases usage of yml, xml loader for validation.
  • It allows you to inject depedencies in your custom constraints/validator (like a database connection).

Check the config.php.dist configuration to see all the available options and the Validation/User.yml definition file.

Boomgo unique validator

An use-case of the custom Validator Service Provider which rely on Boomgo ODM to ensure the uniqueness one/many key(s) in MongoDB.

Basic Security filter

It's just a simple example, no Interface provided. See the before() method in app/boomstone.php.

  $app->get('/', function () use ($app) {
            // some logic
        })->value('security', array('ROLE_MEMBER'));


The main stylesheet is web/less/boomstone.less, it import all the goodness from twitter bootstrap and is dedicated to your own rules. On MacOS, I recommend to use a dev tool which watch a less directory and recompile them on a file change.


  • Improve I18n command.
  • Add unit/functionnal test.
  • Relax and get some PR from the open source community.


  • Translator class used is a modified copy from Symfony\Component\Translation (because of scope constraint)
  • The i18n command was tested only with Xliff format
  • The i18n command won't remove old and unused string (yet it appear to put them at the end of the file)
  • The i18n command won't extract string from controller and forms (should be manually writen)
  • The Custom Validator service provider allows you to use the APC cache from the Symfony validator component, yet there is no built-in method to clear this cache, you'll have to do this manually.