@Jamiras Jamiras released this Feb 5, 2019 · 14 commits to master since this release


  • show game icon on "loaded game" popup
  • track playtime locally
  • automatically retry achievement unlock API call on certain network failures
  • replace 100 frame delay with requirement that achievement must evaluate false before it can trigger
  • support achievements larger than 2000 characters
  • require latest version of emulator to play in hardcore mode
  • rich presence script automatically detects changes and reloads
  • memory bookmark list is automatically sorted by address
  • partially transparent message and leaderboard popups
  • persist hitcounts for unofficial/local achievements (must be active)
  • support colons and ampersands in achievement title/description
  • support for RAQUASI88/RAppleWin


  • properly escape special characters in server requests
  • prevent matching alternate nibble on same byte when using 4-bit filter
  • refresh unlocked achievements when switching between hardcore and non-hardcore mode
  • prevent exception creating tickets for games that have achievements with percents in their titles/descriptions
  • add confirmation dialog to delete note
  • clear out memory viewer when game is unloaded


  • use rcheevos for runtime processing
  • upgrade to new version of JSON parser
  • new messageboxes for hardcore warnings and new version notifications
  • reduce lag/flashing that occurs the first time a game is loaded
  • changed messaging on achievement popups for modified achievements and modified RAM
  • cached files are now deleted after 30 days
  • game data and code notes cache files have had their extension changed from .txt to .json
  • logging changes:
    • removed extraneous newlines
    • add timestamps
    • rotate log at 1MB (if file is larger than 1MB at startup, rename and start new one)
    • log now lives in the RACache directory (previously was in RACache\data)
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