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# Kernel sources, architecture-agnostic.
kernel/exec_aout.c standard
kernel/exec_conf.c standard
kernel/exec_elf.c standard
kernel/exec_script.c standard
kernel/exec_subr.c standard
kernel/init_main.c standard
kernel/init_sysent.c standard
kernel/kern_clock.c standard
kernel/kern_descrip.c standard
kernel/kern_exec.c standard
kernel/kern_exit.c standard
kernel/kern_fork.c standard
kernel/kern_mman.c standard
kernel/kern_proc.c standard
kernel/kern_prot.c standard
kernel/kern_prot2.c standard
kernel/kern_resource.c standard
kernel/kern_sig.c standard
kernel/kern_sig2.c standard
kernel/kern_subr.c standard
kernel/kern_synch.c standard
kernel/kern_sysctl.c standard
kernel/kern_time.c standard
kernel/subr_log.c optional log
kernel/subr_prf.c standard
kernel/subr_rmap.c standard
kernel/sys_generic.c standard
kernel/sys_inode.c standard
kernel/sys_pipe.c standard
kernel/sys_process.c standard
kernel/syscalls.c standard
kernel/tty.c standard
kernel/tty_pty.c optional pty
kernel/tty_subr.c standard
kernel/tty_tty.c standard
kernel/ufs_alloc.c standard
kernel/ufs_bio.c standard
kernel/ufs_bmap.c standard
kernel/ufs_dsort.c standard
kernel/ufs_fio.c standard
kernel/ufs_inode.c standard
kernel/ufs_mount.c standard
kernel/ufs_namei.c standard
kernel/ufs_subr.c standard
kernel/ufs_syscalls.c standard
kernel/ufs_syscalls2.c standard
kernel/vfs_vnops.c standard
kernel/vm_sched.c standard
kernel/vm_swap.c standard
kernel/vm_swp.c standard
# PIC32 platform.
pic32/clock.c standard
pic32/cons.c standard
pic32/devsw.c standard
pic32/exception.c standard
pic32/machdep.c standard
pic32/mem.c standard
pic32/signal.c standard
pic32/swap.c standard
pic32/sysctl.c standard
# PIC32 drivers.
pic32/adc.c optional adc
pic32/glcd.c optional glcd
pic32/gpanel.c optional gpanel
pic32/gpanel-ili9341.c optional gpanel
pic32/gpanel-nt35702.c optional gpanel
#pic32/gpanel-s6d04h0.c optional gpanel
pic32/gpanel-st7781.c optional gpanel
pic32/gpanel-spi.c optional sgpanel
pic32/gpanel-spi-ili9341.c optional sgpanel
pic32/gpio.c optional gpio
pic32/hx8357.c optional hxtft
pic32/picga.c optional picga
pic32/power_control.c optional power
pic32/pwm.c optional pwm
pic32/mrams.c optional mr
pic32/sd.c optional sd
pic32/sdramp.c optional dr
pic32/sdram.S optional dr
pic32/spirams.c optional sr
pic32/sramc.c optional rc
pic32/skel.c optional skel
pic32/spi.c optional spi
pic32/spi_bus.c optional spi
pic32/uart.c optional uart
pic32/usb_device.c optional uartusb
pic32/usb_function_cdc.c optional uartusb
pic32/usb_uart.c optional uartusb
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