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Pain and Agony: A Collection of CS/BBA Problems and Exercises

This is an open archive of practice problems from my classes in the Waterloo/Laurier CS/BBA program. Some of them cause quite the pain and agony. These are published with the belief that they are permitted by relevant faculty, please contact me if they are not and I will take them down.

These were originally published alongside my personal assignments (link), but I figured it may be helpful to make this open to contributions as well.

Feel free to make a pull request for anything you think would be relevant! I make a lot of mistakes, after all.


Open in Gitpod

The easiest way to contribute is to use GitPod, which will automatically create a development environment with LaTeX installed and all the setup necessary.

Otherwise, keep in mind that:

  • You should be a student in the relevant class to contribute, since you should not otherwise have access to course content.
  • LaTeX macros used in multiple files are placed in the latex folder. Make sure it's on the path.
    • You can do this by setting TEXINPUTS. If using VS Code, this is automatically done for you in ./.vscode/settings.json.
  • Some packages used (notably for code highlighting) require -shell-escape.
  • Formatting is done with latexindent. I'm not a huge stickler for indentation.
  • PDF files are added to the repository so they may be served by GitHub Pages.
  • Since this was forked and redacted (Policy 71!), the commit history is a bit messy. Sorry.

Using the agony class

The agony class has built up naturally over the course of my undergrad. It is not by any means well-organized. I've made a recent push to extract out course-specific macros and packages to special agony-[course code].tex files which are dynamically included. For now, the class supports the following parameters:

  • course=[course code]: Loads the macros in ./latex/agony-[course code].tex
  • tikz: Loads tikzpicture and related packages
  • notes: Loads agony-note.tex, which (among other things) is based on report.cls instead of article.cls

Generally, the way I use the class (for an assignment) will look like:


\title{MATH 239 Fall 2022: Assignment X}

  (5 marks) Problem 1
  Solution to problem 1.

  (15 marks) Prove the following statements.
  \item (10 marks) Part (a) statement.
          Proof of problem 2(a).
  \item (5 marks) Part (b) statement.
          Proof of problem 2(b).