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Welcome to the Sonic 1 Fixed wiki! (Official name pending)

This is an accompanying wiki resource that will outline the various changes and mods contained in this disassembly, along with breakdowns and tutorials of some of these changes for you to try out for yourself in your own projects, should you choose to do so (instead of simply using this as a base).

Many of the code edits come courtesy of the Sonic Community Hacking Guide, or the Changes/Fixes to Sonic 1 thread on the Sonic Retro Forums, or from myself, DeltaW, or our teams directly. Original authors will be credited accordingly.

My goal with this project is to provide a successor to Mercury's ReadySonic ROM base, that also serves as an in-depth hacking guide allowing new hackers to comfortably ease their way into the hobby.

If you would like to show support for this project, please share this public repo with others and encourage them to try it out! All code found within is open for anyone to use in their projects. Please give credit to the original author(s) if you do so!


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